While many have pointed out that Band of Horses - The Funeral plays at the beginning of Season 8, at the Season 8 finale, the Shins' Simple Song is used when the mother is introduced. Both are aesthetically paired with the scenes they soundtrack, but the lyrics also can be read as dropping some hints:

Remember walking a mile to your house

A glow in the dark

I made a fumbling play for your heart

And the act struck a spark.

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You wore a charm on the chain that I stole

Especial for you

Love's such a delicate thing that we do

With nothing to prove

Which I never knew.

Which to me can reference Ted's going back to Robin's house in Brooklyn, his stealing of the blue French horn, and his recovery of the locket she wears at the wedding.

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I'm also thinking of putting together a list of the other suggested hints at the ending throughout the series, if people are interested.

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