I have actually a stupid question. I\"m borrowing an old Savage 24V series over and under. .222 Rem on height with a 20ga on the bottom. Rest open. I placed a scope on it and sighted in the 222 first at 50 yards then zero\"ed the in in ~ 100 yards. Pretty an excellent groups, happy and also locked the limit down. Went ago and shoot the 20 ga to check out where it was hitting and also couldn\"t fight paper. After plenty of boxes the 20 ga slugs, discovered that the 20 ga is shooting 13-15 inches away from the bulls eye in ~ 50 yards. Around the 10 o\"clock position. The 222 is very close to bulls eye in ~ 50 yards and the 20 ga is a small high but means off come the left. Is there such a thing as sighting in each barrel in one over and also under? I get that the 2 calibers will not be hitting the exact same bulls eye but the groups should at least be vertical to every other. I don\"t check out what girlfriend would perform to change for wind-age. I would certainly guess the proper method to vision it in is, zero the 222 and also then number out just how much reduced to aim if making use of the 20 ga. Is this point broken?

The regulation the 2 barrel guns is a fine arts usually booked for greater priced guns. The Savage more than likely isn\"t regulation at all, just stuck together and also called good. Whereby does the 20 gauge barrel print once using shot?? It might not prefer the brand/type of slugs you\"re putting through it, try another brand or type....

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Have girlfriend tried buckshot? That might be an inexpensive option.

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I have/had a 24v 222/20 and had the same problem. Finished up adding a pair of spacers/wedges do of phenolic plastic and had a pie plate capable gun through both barrels at 100yds utilizing the rifle sights. Called it great there.Spent alot that time top top the phone v Savage and also some of the gunsmiths the their CS encourage trying to learn the fine arts of barrel regulation.It have the right to be done however it won\"t be quick.I would sight the border in with the 222 and only placed it on for varmint hunting, I killed some deer v it making use of each barrel and had far better luck killing them v the 20ga and slugs.If this is an ext than you desire to tackle, call Chad at society Custom firearms in Denton, he will certainly true it increase if it can be trued, that is great on price and close to you.

I guess: v I got lucky through mine. She will placed Federal 50 gr softpoints in the top of the bullseye in ~ 50 yards and also Remington sluggers beside it. Commonwealth Truballslugs struggle 6” low at 25 yards so ns haven’t make the efforts 50 yards. Winchester fosters hit number of inches ideal at 50 yards. What slugs have actually you tried? You may also try a various 222 load, it might hit means different and also adjusting to it could lug the slugs much more in line.

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I\"d try different slugs for starters.What is the barrel choked?..If it\"s Full, most slugs are gona goof up from too much constriction.
Hmm. Use the rifle as a rifle and also use the shoot gun because that shot. Obtain see through scope rings- .222 scoped and also aim under on the barrel for shot. 4 buck will certainly drop deer at 50yds. Sent from my SCH-I535 utilizing Tapatalk
Hmm. Usage the rifle together a rifle and use the shot gun because that shot. Get see v scope rings- .222 scoped and also aim down on the barrel for shot. 4 buck will certainly drop deer in ~ 50yds. Sent out from my SCH-I535 utilizing Tapatalk