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It’s raining meatballs. Quick! dress up together Sam Sparks and Flint Lockwood

Dress up as Sam Sparks indigenous the an initial Movie

Sam Sparks is the fun, friendly, and also super smart weather news reporter. In the first movie, she most unique outfit is a an ext professional look consisting of pants and a blazer jacket



Coral Spaghetti Strap ns love Sam Sparks’ color coordination – pastel shades room yummy and also remind me of the ice cream scene. The reporter wears a an easy coral top underneath a mint green blazer. She tucks in the top


Mint environment-friendly Blazer Here’s a beautiful mint environment-friendly blazer the is pretty affordable. Sam’s blazer seems to it is in made indigenous a tweed texture, but I think this polyester/rayon piece will do simply fine. Plus, I’d totally wear it to work!


wide White Belt She put on a large white belt, i beg your pardon is very distinct due to the fact that she tucks in the coral top.

Dark Brown Skinny jeans A an easy pair of slim pants will certainly do simply fine – best a dark brown shade. If you already have one lying roughly in her wardrobe, then that would execute great. Otherwise, this item (currently priced under 10 bucks) is a good choice and also a great staple for everyday wear.

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Wireless Microphone Every reporter never ever leaves home without her microphone. Inspect out the extr fun information you can add to your microphone on the following item below!

Cube logo design Microphone Flag come look more like a reporter, slip her microphone within the white cube (this cube’s hole actions 39mm). That’s the kind of mic you see reporters holding all the time, and also the cube usually shows off the news station the reporter is representing. Sam Sparks functions for Weather News Network, so if you’d favor to do a tiny DIY project, examine out my free printable Weather News Network logo design below, which you can print and stick ~ above the cube to do it look much more like a Cloudy with possibility of Meatballs prop!

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Weather News Network Logo

I’ve recreated the network logo design which you deserve to print and stick on the mic cube box:


Dress up together Flint Lockwood – an initial and 2nd Movie

Flint’s look at hardly changes in Cloudy with opportunity of Meatballs component 2. He’s still really much comfortable through his graphics tee – rap coat look.



Slick ago WigHe likewise still has actually that spiky hair. If you have medium-length hair in ~ the moment, that would be perfect to work-related on – just apply some gel and create spikes, making certain there room a the majority of thin spikes here and also there, and keeping the hair slicked ago away from the forehead. Otherwise, you deserve to opt because that this wig, which friend would have to work ~ above so that there are no bangs

Blue graphic Tee – science is amazing The initial tee Flint wears in the movie says “Science is Awesome” an extremely appropo for his character. It also shows a raining cloud. Spreadshirt provides a an ext similar replica (though not precisely the same either), but you can additionally just walk for this shirt, which claims the very same thing and is additionally in a light blue color

near Replica the ShirtThe style on this shirts is pretty spot on yet the color of this shirt is no blue. No one the less, that should bring the idea across.

White laboratory Coat Easy, easy, easy! If you have the one you provided to wear throughout Science class (and that still fits you), feel totally free to reuse it. Otherwise, this one is priced reasonably and also I’m certain you’ll uncover other rap gown wearing personalities to dress up as in the future (like these). Trivia: This gown is do by Dickies (didn’t understand they made rap coats, too!)

Orange Backpack If you’d prefer to add details indigenous the second movie, you have the right to wear an orange backpack, i beg your pardon Flint sports throughout their journey.

Vervet Monkey Plush an additional detail indigenous the second movie: bring along Steve, the monkey! dress this plush toy up through a red,white, and blue headband

Red, White, Blue Headband undertake this over her monkey plush toy. Simply a keep in mind though – the plush toy is very small so I looked for the the smallest headband about (for kids). You have the right to also shot the wristbands instead. If too lose, use a pen or clip to stick to tiny Steve’s head.

“Science is Awesome” Shirt

Here’s a look at the “Science is Awesome” design:


* This is not an exact replica. The colors room not correct (should be blue and yellow) however the gist is there

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Dress up together Sam Sparks – second Movie

Sam Sparks ditches her experienced reporter ensemble and goes because that a more relaxed, adventurer-type look! also her hair, i beg your pardon was simply kept down v a few waves during the first movie, has obtained a more outdoor look – tie few of your hair right into a bun.



big Squarish EyeglassesShe attract a pair of eyeglasses through a huge squarish frame. Ns think she looks really cute with it! it seems choose it’s a tortoise frame, so choose the tortoise option as soon as you walk to this product page

purple / Violet Spaghetti Strap Camisole She’s still right into the totality layering point – she put on a level violet camisole underneath

Dark Pink Cotton button Down shirt She has actually ditched the structured blazer for a much more relaxed shirt. I choose the casual finish of this shirt, and it also has a bag detail as with the one Sam has actually (this has actually 2, Sam’s has actually 1) Be sure to save the shirts unbuttoned, wrinkles the sleeves (make the wrinkle thick!), and tie the bottom part the means Sam did that (think 80s, hehe!)

Linen shirt Here’s another an excellent option. This is a couple of shades lighter 보다 Sam’s however it has actually a pretty airy look come it and also should be simple to tie the end of it

thin Brown Belt Sam wears a skinny brown belt now, rather of the large white one she wore top top the an initial movie

Cargo Shorts No safari traveler look is ever finish without khaki cargo shorts! This pair has a pocket information on the bottom, just like Sam’s shorts

violet Socks I simply loved this extra information the animators put in! it ties an excellent with Sam’s top.

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Brown Lace Boots Sam is most likely wearing a pair of long boots, but if you have actually no intentions of long anytime soon, then take into consideration buying a stylish pair that combat boots instead. This one has acquired mostly good reviews and the color fits Sam’s boots too!

Barry the Strawberry Plush because that a cute tiny bonus: bring Barry the Strawberry and/or all the various other Food pet Plush! therefore cute!

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