Singer Angela Winbush, best known for being part of the R&B duo René & Angela, didn’t hesitate to be with her ex-husband Ron Isley when he suffered a stroke.

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Despite their age gap (13 years), Angela and Ron tied the knot in June 1993. Sadly, the couple decided to part ways in 2002 after being in a relationship for more than a decade.

When they got divorced, they lost the contact they once had and barely spoke to each other. However, health scares of both sides made them reconnect, which is why some people consider that they never stopped loving each other.

Happy Sunday Angels! Rise and Praise for me today! Loved being with my friends the Legendary Manhattans feat that silky voice of GERALD Alston ! Thank you Houston &
ArenaHouston for the love ❤️ & standing O’s! Feels good to be loved

— Angela Winbush (


The first event that made them get in contact once again was when Angela was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003. Proving that he still cared a lot about Angela, Ron was by her side during the time she was receiving chemotherapy.

“People think I"m very foolish.”

I was Bless to be invited by Arkansas’s City Commish Dushun Scarborough

— Angela Winbush (

Thankfully, the singer managed to beat cancer and, from that point on, has been focused on raising awareness on the illness and trying to make women understand that they must visit their doctors regularly.

Soundcheck at Philander Smith College .....

— Angela Winbush (

Only one year later, Ron suffered a scary mild stroke in London. As a way to return the favor, Angela went to his home in St. Louis, Missouri to help him while he was recovering.

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“People think I"m very foolish for being that way, but when it comes to somebody"s health, I just don"t feel like I should be your enemy,” admitted the singer.


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