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Shipping: gain EstimateInternet Premium : 17%See unique Terms for added feesLocation: Pelzer, SC
This seller meets the greatest standard that service and also ethics, andhas created a strategic partnership through tennis2007.org.

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This seller supplies APN, the most secure method totransact business on tennis2007.org. APN encryptsyour credit card info to ensure the safestonline shopping endure on the Web.
This seller consistently describes items that s right includingany defects, and provides many photos.

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items Description: analyze descriptionRoHM GMBH Sontheim/Brenz .38 Special dual Barrel Derringer, do in Germany. Serial #62438.
Internet Premium : 17%Participation Requirements: Valid credit Card required for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa and also MasterCardVisaMasterCardPayment Instructions: We expropriate Visa and also MasterCard only. A 17% online buyer"s premium will be included to all sales conducted via tennis2007.org. There will certainly be no sales tax charged for online sales unless you live within the boundaries of south Carolina. Normal 5% sales tax will use unless you have actually a SC resale number on document with Meares Auctions before SALE TIME- NO EXCEPTIONS! You will be informed at the finish of Auction via email with your settlement sheet noting all purchases and amount due. This invoice will serve together the billing amount the is charged to your credit card on file. Any type of bidders through credit cards that are declined on reconciliation day will be charged a $30 handling fee come run an additional credit card- NO EXCEPTIONS!FFL Information- you will certainly be compelled to fill out an ATF form 4473 and have a NCIS background check and also ALL firearms will be registered to the registered bidder- NO EXCEPTIONS. Every applicable state and Federal legislations apply. If you cannot pass a background examine do not bid on firearms.Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: any type of item purchased online will be shipped via USPS. Minimum shipping fee for is $7.00 and also the prices will certainly be adjusted with the variety of coins that you purchase. The prices execute not dual or triple, yet reflect the load shipped and the street that they room shipped. For more information you might log top top www.usps.com for shipping rates and also zone information. We insure packages as much as the acquisition price. Girlfriend will receive two invoices and will it is in billed top top the last invoice only... This one will incorporate the shipping cost!Preview day & Times: indigenous 1:00 PM till sale time on sale day only!Checkout date & Times: You will certainly be educated at the end of Auction via email with your negotiation sheet noting all purchases and also amount due. This invoice will serve together the billing amount that is charged to your credit card instantly following the auction.Location: 315 Eastview Road, Pelzer, SC control Directions: Please watch the MapQuest map builder link.

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All items offer AS-IS with no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. Us reserve the best to include or delete items before sale time. You re welcome send any details questions to our email attend to or contact us for an ext information. Every coin grading will certainly be done on a communication of fair, average, good, fine, etc. Every grading questions should be addressed before sale time. We will be happy to email other photos to you, if needed. All sales final. Please evaluation the lot of listings to see which items will be marketed as selection or 1 and also x time the bid.Any bidders with credit cards the are declined on reconciliation day will certainly be charged a $30 handling fee to run an additional credit card- NO EXCEPTIONS!On-line Bidding Terms:1. Meares Auction group has put forth every effort in prepare the brochure for this auction to carry out accurate descriptions of all items. All residential or commercial property is offered "as-is" and also it is the bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact problem of each item. Published statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and also are problem of opinion. Certain NO refunds will certainly be offered.2. FOR virtual BIDDING: over there is a 17% Buyer"s Premium included to your full purchase. 3. All accounts should be resolved at the conclusion that the auction. We accept Visa & MasterCard ONLY. A charge of $1.00 will be charged at registration to validate your credit card- this will be refunded back once the map is accepted.4. The auction company through DHL will arrange packing and shipping. Packing and shipping costs are the duty of the buyer and also may it is in quoted before shipping. Breakable or huge items will be shipped by a expert shipping company and may result in higher shipping costs. All items will be insured for the purchase price. Our very first priority is to provide your new purchase in great condition. 5. Ours on-line auctions move quickly! If you room interested in an item, bid quickly. If you win an item in the auction you will be informed by email the next business day. Every items will certainly be fee to the credit card on file unless various other arrangements are made prior to online auction begin time as listed on tennis2007.org. The invoice you obtain on the day after the auction will certainly be supplied for billing- we will bill the credit transaction card top top file.6. In order to better serve our customers, all bidders must carry out their name, address, daytime call number, and also email attend to at i m sorry they can be contacted. This is to insure good communication between Meares Auction Group and also the bidder throughout any kind of transactions.7. The purchaser agrees to pay every reasonable attorney fees and also costs incurred by the auction agency in the arsenal of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a dues of 2% every month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance early the auction company and any type of other costs or losses occurs by the purchaser’s failure to adhere to these terms. Any type of debt collection or problem proceedings will be heard in Greenville County, southern Carolina.8. The auctioneer has the single discretion to advance the bidding and also may refuse a nominal advance, should it in his estimate prove injurious to the auction. The auctioneer shall it is in the last judge in all bidding disputes and shall name a bidder together the purchaser.9. The auction company shall not be hosted responsible for any "missed" bids or bids unseen by the auctioneer.10. Every sales are final.11. Through bidding on any kind of item, the bidder shows acceptance that the terms of the auction.12. The auction company reserves the appropriate to refuse service or decrease registration to any person.All announcements made day of auction take it precedence end any and all written, linguistic or digital statements.
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