Mew, a pink, catlike legendary Pokemon, makes its home on Faraway Island. The Nintencarry out occasion that allows you to reach Faramethod Island just occurs in the "Pokemon Emerald" game, so you cannot accessibility this occasion in "Pokemon FireRed." If you use a Codebreaker code, though, Mew appears in the grass of the Kanto area. This offers you a chance to capture it.

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About Mew

Mew made its initially appearance in the 1996 games "Pokemon Red" and also "Pokemon Blue." Developers intended to make Mew an unobtainable, key Pokemon, but a coding glitch allowed players to uncover and also capture it. Mew"s strong psychic abilities let it learn any attack or ability, making it a perfect option for a well-rounded, balanced team. Mew can additionally fly, teleport and transcreate right into any kind of various other Pokemon kind to confusage its opponents.

The Mew Codebreaker Code

Mew is normally unobtainable in "Pokemon FireRed," however a brief Codebreaker code permits you to capture the creature. Insert the Codebreaker tool right into your Game Boy Advance. Open the "Pokemon FireRed" code enattempt menu. Type "000014D1 000A" on the first line and "1003DAE6 0007" on the second. On the 3rd line, enter "83007CEE 0097." This code reasons Mew to show up in the wild. If you want to set Mew"s level, form "33007CF0 00XX" on the fourth line. Rearea "XX" through the desired level, from 01 to 99. Activate the cwarmth code and also start the game.

Catching Mew

When the game loads, go to the Pokemon Store and also buy at least 20 Pokemon balls. Ultra balls work ideal for recording fast-relocating Pokemon prefer Mew. Transfer one of your Pokemon to the COMPUTER if you want to put Mew in your party best away. Head to a grassy area and walk roughly. With the cheat code active, any type of wild Pokemon you enrespond to transforms right into Mew. Attack Mew until its health and wellness bar turns red, and also then throw Pokemon balls at it. Repeat this process if you want to capture more Mews. When you finish, save your game and revolve off the Codebreaker to deactivate the cheat.

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Obtaining Mew using "Pokemon Emerald"

It is feasible to capture Mew in "Pokemon Emerald" if you have the Old Sea Map item from a Nintenexecute occasion. Sexactly how your Old Sea Map to the S.S. Tidal captain, and also he uses to take you to Faramethod Island. Mew makes you chase it approximately the island also prior to it battles you. After you capture Mew, you have the right to carry it to "Pokemon FireRed." To do this, talk to Celio on the Sevii Islands in "FireRed." Complete the quest he offers you to allow trading in between games.

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