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"I lift points up and put lock down" is a video clip meme spreading across youtube, featuring a expression from a recent earth Fitness advertisement.

The advertisement features a planet Fitness instructor showing a dim-witted bodybuilder approximately one the it"s stores.When wondered about on his profession, the bodybuilder proclaims "I lift things up and put castle down.", and continues to perform so when shown the various equipment accessible to gym members, until he is tricked into leaving (not without one more "I lift things up and put lock down" of course).

Starting with a video clip of a a little boy repeating the phrase, numerous world recorded and also posted their very own repetitions of the expression on youtube, and a couple of remixes.

The phrase it making it"s method around the blog post boards, and also there"s even a website devoted to the phrase:

There"s a YTMND

Original ad:

Oblagatory Sparta Mix:

Cute kid:

Some kind of man cat:

Many more examples to it is in had, simply search Youtube.

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