The Ozark trace 2 Burner Camp Stove is just one of the an ext affordable camp stoves indigenous Walmart. Over there are far better stoves the end there, but the Ozark is popular because of its cheap price allude and that does a kind job.

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I freshly reviewed this Ozark Trail stove myself in ~ a camping trip when a friend had lugged it along. I found a couple of things that might be improved. Let’s absent off v this Ozark trail 2 burner camp stove review.

Ozark Trail oven Review

If you’re doing any kind of car camping and also looking because that something quick and also easy to set up, this deserve to be a great stove. It’s not the greatest quality, but if you space camping now and also then or want a back-up stove for emergencies or if the power goes out, this range will it is in fine.

It’s a propane stove, therefore you can expect this to put out some an excellent heat and also cook and boil water yes, really quickly. If you’re doing any type of heavy cooking or utilizing the burners because that a long duration of time, you can run right into some issues (more on the below).

Quick Specs

Here are some fast specs around the stove:

Two 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners (3.15 in. Each)Uses propane fuel with regulator includedBurn time is up to 1 hour through a 16-ounce cylinder propane canisterIndependent temperature manage on both burners built-in wind guards for starting and to store flame burningWeighs less than 8lbs (no manage though)

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Compact and also Foldable with easy Assembly

Setting up her Ozark Trail 2 burner oven is yes, really simple. Also if friend never functioned with a stove prior to you’ll figure out just how to rally this in seconds.

The cooktop folds up well and doesn’t require any type of tools to placed together. The legs on one of two people side revolve so that once the oven is folded, it stays clear of the height from swinging opening. When you desire to usage the stove, simply rotate the foot downward. The legs store the range off the group by a couple of inches, i m sorry is quite to stop surfaces from acquiring hot underneath.

Unlike other stoves favor the Coleman (compare Amazon price), that doesn’t have a handle. The weighs less than 8 pounds for this reason the absence of a manage isn’t a deal-breaker but would have actually been a nice feature to have.

Here’s what the Ozark trail camp oven looks urgently up. That pretty thin and also compact:

Stove is urgent up

The grate and also regulator are stored underneath the stove. They both snap into the bottom. This is one an unfavorable thing in this evaluation that i don’t like. The clips that hold the grate and also regulator in location aren’t very strong and don’t hold well. If you’re moving this a lot, these pieces can fall out.

When reading various other reviews, you’ll discover that others have actually the same trouble as well. My ide is, if this wake up to you, to shot to tighten the clips with a pair that pliers so they host better.

Here’s what the bottom looks like:

Bottom see of the Ozark trail stove. You can see how the grate and also regulator snap in.

And this is a close-up shot of where the regulator is stored, attached to the metal clamp:

Where the fuel regulator is save in the bottom clamp

Attaching the regulator is easy. Simply plug it right into the side and also hand screw the cooktop fitting to secure it to the stove. There room no tools involved and easy to attach.

Here is what it looks favor with the regulator plugged in without the fitting secured:

fitting the regulator onto the cooktop

Once the regulator is attached come the stove, the fuel canister attaches to the various other side. In this photo, I’m using the Coleman propane fuel, so don’t think you need to buy Ozark brand fuel. Every you have to do is screw that in. Straightforward peasy.

Attaching fuel canister come the stove

Windguard Protection

The Ozark Camp Stove has actually a built-in 3-way wind guard come make sure the propane continues to be lit in windy areas and also in bad weather. Wind guards aid make beginning the burner easier and to store the flame from gift blown out, specifically on reduced settings.

Foldable wind guards aid to start the stove and also keep that burning

The wind flaps top top the Ozark range are easy to affix to the sides. On every wind guard, yes a steel connector that squeezes right into the next of the stove. The right is reasonably snug and solid so ns wouldn’t worry about them coming out.

Metal clips keep the wind safety snapped into place

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Fuel and Temperature Control

Proper temperature manage is something that you’ll desire on any kind of stove. You’ll want to stop stoves that room “all or nothing” for heat. If yes sir too big of a flame, she going to burn every little thing your cooking. For boiling water though, this i will not ~ be a problem.

The Ozark two burner range does one okay project at temperature control. A friend did have difficulties with the knobs i m sorry is why they are off-center. Another thing i don’t an especially like is that the knobs bounce ago sightly once trying to fine-tune the temperature, making it harder come adjust tiny flames.

Temperature manage knobs top top the Ozark stove are prominent

I haven’t had the grill burning for a super lengthy time, but based upon other reviews i have read, food preparation longer meals with hefty pots have the right to actually warp her grate.

Before I started with this Ozark follow camp range review, ns noticed the there was part burn damage underneath the food preparation top. This no a trouble when cooking (yet) however does make me think around the longevity that the stove.

Heat damage from the burners

For fuel, the Ozark camping stove supplies propane. The user manual to usage only specific size fuel cylinders:

Use only 14.1 oz. Or 16.4 oz. Propane fuel cylinder as approved by United says Department ofTransportation (DOT)

Ozark Trail two burner camp stove user manual

From reading various other reviews, I have actually heard of people hooking increase bigger propane tanks to your Ozark stove. It might probably work-related with the ideal connection. Just understand any risk once doing this.

When it involves cooking, anything that you cook on a normal cooktop at home, you’ll have the ability to cook ~ above the Ozark trace stove. The stove probably won’t right a massive wok (maybe if friend folded the wind safety down), but a 10-inch frying pan fits perfectly.

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Warranty and also Replacement Parts

The range comes with a 1-year restricted manufactures warranty. It doesn’t cover things favor scratches or heat damages to the finish, which is taken into consideration normal wear and also tear. Make sure you store your receipts because that proof the purchase and also read the warranty info to make sure.

If girlfriend are in search of Ozark follow 2 burner camp oven parts, unfortunately, they are an extremely hard come come across. Your finest bet is to contact the manufacturer.

There are quite a couple of people who desire to change their Ozark trail camp cooktop regulator. I invested some time looking for such a part with no luck either. I even looked at the Coleman regulator (here on Amazon) to see if it can be used, but lots of evaluate say that the Coleman regulator does not fit Ozark’s camp stove.

With no other ar to look, ns emailed Walmart customer support around replacement parts and also am waiting for a response. If ns hear anything, okay be certain to upgrade this post.

EDIT: ns did hear a an answer from Walmart:

hello Benjamin,

If you call for information about replacement parts please call Blue Rhino global Sourcing at 800-762-1142

Thank you for contacting Walmart wherein we are always happy come help!

EDIT 2: i did hear from a leader of this blog who sent me this response:

I’ve had actually one of these Ozark follow camp stoves ns bought at Walmart in one of our cabins for about 25-30 years. Recently the rubber gasket ~ above the regulator started to fail and also leak propane. Friend cannot gain a replacement regulator with Blue Rhino or MrBarBQ. They don’t even handle them.

I was able to remove the rubber gasket that failed making use of needle-nose vice grips to rotate out the brass nut and simply flipping over the gasket. No much more leaking. I’m hoping that will last me an additional 25 years. Otherwise, the cooktop works perfectly.


Overall Review

If you’re trying to find a cheap range for light use or to use as a backup, this Ozark follow burner oven is a decent choice. That compact and assembly is easy.

While this Walmart cooktop is well to use every now and then, the does have its drawbacks that you shouldn’t ignore. The construction and design aren’t that an excellent and if other does go wrong, replacement parts are non-existent.

My reference is if you room going to buy a 2 burner stove, do yourself a favor and spend the small extra money and get a Coleman instead. The Coleman cooktop is far better designed and does have replacement parts.

Interested in Coleman? to compare the price and reviews ~ above Amazon.

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