Fans enjoy his memorable lines, dad jokes, and also his appreciation for short negotiations.

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However, like most Jedi, he provides his personal style together a weapon to help aid his target of peace.


In this article, I will delve into Obi Wan’s clothing style, his hair and beard styles, and also how you can bring aspects of it right into your wardrobe.


Grooming – Obi Wan Kenobi Style

Obi Wan’s Hair

Obi Wan Kenobi’s style evolves over the duration of the Star wars films, and also his hair is no exception.


Obi Wan Kenobi’s long Hair

His definitive hair style, that he sported in episode 3, is a voluptuous left sided component with much longer sides.




The change from a confusing to a an ext structured layout represents the transition in personality from a padawan student to a Jedi Master and also military General.


What’s more, a 1999 examine proposed the the side that you part your hair has actually an effect on “perceived personality traits, self-perception and also self-development”.


The theory says that a part on the left side the the head paint, etc unconscious fist to activities typically associated with masculinity: discipline, productivity and also logical reasoning.

On the other hand, a right component is claimed to convey an ext typically feminine properties such as creativity and also emotion.


In various other words, according come this study, by parting your hair on the left, you are constantly radiating Jedi mind tricks!


How to obtain the Look

The Cut

The format is ~ above the much longer side, especially top top the sides and also back.

Therefore, to get this Obi Wan hairstyle, friend will have actually to grow your hair the end to about 3″ on top, and also 1.5-2″ ~ above the sides and back.


After this, friend will most likely want to go to the barber for a tidy up.


During this tidy up, friend can achieve the particular look and also layering that the style by informing your barber to cut her hair v scissors.

And, together always, I would recommend to lug a snapshot with you, to do it 100% clean what you’re looking for.


The Styling

Dampen her hair (preferably by making use of a an excellent sea salt spray), find a component on either side of her head, and part your hair, slicking that back. I would certainly recommend using a hair dryer to speed up the drying process, and to help set the hair into place.After it has dried, apply a medium/high host matt product to her hair, running your fingers through the roots and pushing back.To tidy up, brush the sides of her hair back with a brush, and make the parting more definitive.



Other Obi Wan long Hair

In illustration 2, Obi Wan sported a mullet, that sort:




But, it’s no the 1980s anymore, so ns wouldn’t introduce trying come replicate this, and would advice you to stick to his Episode three styling.



Obi Wan’s Beard

Obi Wan’s episode 3 moustache

Obi Wan’s beard layout is simply recognized as a “full beard” – there is no particular distinction.


The an essential though is the it is well-kept.


Obi Wan’s beard is groomed, and also well kept.


Alike Obi Wan, you should make sure that any type of beard you thrive is groomed – this shows that friend are totally in control of your appearance.


How to acquire the Look

To be able to attain something favor Obi Wan’s beard, girlfriend should invest in a an excellent beard trimmer or razor, and regularly clean up any type of hairs on your neck.

To find the border you must shave off, ar your index finger on your left reduced jaw bone and then, maintaining pressure on her skin, draw a line to her right reduced jaw bone.


You should an alert that her finger curves around your neck.


Trimming excess hairs below this line will not just neaten her appearance, but additionally give your jaw the illusion of being stronger.

Besides, if girlfriend can’t manage the hair on her face, how deserve to you control the force?


Here room some an excellent tips on exactly how to flourish a complete beard.



Clothing – Obi Wan Kenobi Style

Light earth Colours

Obi-Wan is a quietly confident character.


His layout further displays this – much more specifically, his use of light earth colours like ecru.




Even despite in many tactical instances light color is not great camouflage, Obi-Wan is so confident in his capability that the believes he doesn’t require it.


It is virtually as if he wants to be seen, as he trust his existence will strike are afraid into his enemy.


Furthermore, in this details Clone battles outfit, that is wearing similar armour come those the is commanding in the Clone Trooper legions.

The an option to emulate component of the uniform the those who space serving the showcases the humbleness of his character.

He relates come his subordinates, and does not place himself at any greater importance.


From this, we can take away a few things:

Wearing clean and also light earth colours is an exceptional method to make any kind of outfit pop.Do not over-dress or out-dress world to the suggest when friend alienate them.You don’t have actually to significantly dress above subordinates to convey government – the method you act and also your leadership should be the key indicator of rank.



A accumulated Chest

Obi-Wan’s layout throughout the films features solid and structured shoulders.


This offers the appearance of a V shape, builds up his chest, and also is a standard indicator of strength and masculinity.


To add to this, the V form of his neck opening and also contrasting earthy brown to add visual interest to the area, drawing attention to the face.


As deserve to be seen, his attire creates multiple v shapes.


How to gain the Look

The many effective method is to exercise your chest and also shoulder muscles, so it doesn’t simply look an ext like a V – it actually is!


However, girlfriend can develop the impact by adding visual bulk, by attract any type of jacket through structured shoulders.


You could bring in part neck wear, choose a scarf, to attract attention to her face.

This is the perfect item to experiment with, and can end up being a defining feature of her style.

Moreover, if the weather doesn’t warrant either of the above, a correctly fitted V-neck t-shirt should do the trick.


Accessories – Obi Wan Kenobi Style

Dual tone Lightsaber


“Don’t mix your metals.”


This basic style dominance refers to no mixing the colour of metals in your outfit, for example, a yellow watch paired through a silver belt buckle.




Admittedly, Obi Wan go stick come this general dominion for his first two.


But rules space made to it is in broken.


Although the is unlikely the you will be walking about with a lightsaber top top a everyday basis, over there are plenty of ways you deserve to implement dual tones right into your outfit.

The easiest method to do this is through jewellery, such as brass and also silver cufflinks, or a bracelet.


They are unique pieces the make a statement without illustration too much attention – the Jedi way.


Burgundy Boots

Something the has constantly stood the end to me from Obi-Wan’s style is his burgundy boots.

They’re awesome.




With both Obi Wan actors coming in at 5 foot 8, boots can likewise give castle the… high ground.


But you’re walk to need to be pretty confident to pull turn off knee high boots in today’s age.


The an excellent new is that there are modern alternatives, such together these dreamy Chelsea boots from thomas Bird.




Burgundy is such an under used colour in menswear, specifically when it concerns footwear.

If you combine burgundy footwear into your ensemble, ns can virtually guarantee girlfriend a overwhelming of complements.

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Conclusion – Obi Wan Kenobi Style

So, now you know how to dress favor Obi Wan Kenobi: we have covered Obi Wan’s beard and hair, and also how he supplies his garments to task power and also authority.