Nick Jonas and also his brothers played a small duty in the film 'Night at the Museum 2'. Read to know much more about their role in the film and other trivia



Night at the Museum 2: battle of Smithsonian is a comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. The Jonas Brothers played vital roles in the film as cute cupid statues. The film Night at the Museum 2 also stars Ben Stiller,Amy Adams,Owen Wilson,Steve Coogan,Hank Azaria,Bill Hader,Christopher Guest,Alain Chabat,Jon Bernthal, andRobin Williams in the key roles. Read some exciting facts about the film:

Night at the Museum 2:Battle the Smithsonian 's interesting trivia

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Director Shawn Levy told the national Public Radio interviewer that once the Smithsonian institution agreed to loan their name to the film. Their curators to be helpful and also shared information about the real-life personalities in the movie.

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Night at the Museum 2: battle of Smithsonian is the very first movie in the Smithsonian Institution.In the film, Amelia claims that she ended up being "a pilot for the funny of it". That is the location of the genuine Amelia Earhart’s autobiography.Hank Azaria had actually modelled his voice and the lisp ~ Boris Karloff indigenous his performance in the original The Mummy. Boris Karloff had a little noticeable lisp.

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Amy Adams apparently hated wearing skin-tight trousers in the film the her character woreIn the initial script, Kahmunrah revealed the he murdered his brothers Ahkmenrah because that the throne which is true due to the fact that Ahkmenrah watch young while Kahmunrah watch older.Night in ~ the Museum 2 has two Oscar winners Robin Williams and also Rami Malek and also three Oscar nominees Amy Adam, Steve Coogan and Jonah Hill.Around 47 minute in the movie Octavius says ‘Stay alive! i will find you’ before he jumped turn off the home window still. This is a reference to Daniel Day-Lewis’ heat in The last of the Mohicans in i beg your pardon the latter’s character says the same thing before jumping turn off the waterfall.The original combination of Ahkmenrah’s tablet is 12351235657923.Reese Witherspoon was originally claimed to pat the character play by Amelia Earhart.

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Jake Cherry and also Jay Baruchel appeared in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as the character Dave at different ages.The motorcycle that Larry supplies as a getaway auto is a rarely 1942 Harley Davidson XA army Side Valve 750 cc level Twin with an enclosed sidecar.The 3 singing cupids in the film room played by Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. One of the songs they sing to Larry and Amelia is their own Lovebug.The majority of the film takes location in one night which gives an interpretation to the title.

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