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Have a 2006 Kia Sedona. I changed the battery a few weeks ago and came out the various other day and also it was completely dead. Prefer door lights and no chime dead. So us jumped it. When we acquired it started I i found it my brake lights were on, which eliminated my battery. Us pulled the brake fuse and also I had actually a mobil mechanic swap out the brake switch. Every done..and brake lights STILL space on. Readjusted the switch, nothing. Switch is walking in and out freely and lights still stay on.Any thoughts and also suggestions? Kia dealer here cant obtain me in because that at least 2 weeks as they have actually a ton of service schedualed and also recalls. And also I need my van for medical professionals appointments so any thoughts would be great!!

First point I would execute is shot another Kia dealership, or trusted neighborhood master mechanic. Gift a 2006 your well out of warranty, so no real need to only go to Kia.....
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I had actually a mechanic come and also replace the switch. Lights are still on. Ns was going to walk to thr dealership together I have a recal on mine Sedona. Simply trying to number out what it have the right to be other than a switch. Ns have had actually the van for 18 months no issue. Then this and now castle wont walk off uneven I traction a fuse
I would suggest disconnecting the switch - if lights stay on then it"s not the switch. The circuit counts on the switch grounding the wire so, with the move removed and also lights quiet on, it can indicate an electric short.
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I will shot that. I likewise read that it have the right to be short brake fluid. When the sensor sees low fluid the lights walk on. Weird as hell
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I will try that. I likewise read that it have the right to be low brake fluid. When the sensor watch low fluid the lights go on. Weird as hell
So simply which "brake lights" will not turn off? the dash warning lights(low brake fluid warning or parking brake applied) or the rear brake lights?
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I"m guessing the ground wire for the brake lights has deteriorated somewhere along the line, and also is poignant the human body of the automobile somewhere. The an outcome is a perfect circuit the bypasses the switch on the brake pedal.Pull both rear lamp covers and start wiggling things to view if you can obtain the lights to revolve off. In theory, it could be grounding out inside an individual bulb socket. But I think it"s more likely the harness in between the sockets and the rest of the wiring in the car. I had actually to change a wiring harness in my 2007 because that the opposite reason -- lamp wouldn"t come on.What carry out your revolve signals and reverse lamp do?
I realize that the switch to be replaced, however perhaps, a simple thing was overlooked: The rubber or plastic "stopper" pad the goes in between the switch and the brake pedal arm?Brake lamp that continue to be on can likewise be since of a rubber or plastic "stopper" or pad in ~ the brake pedal and also it"s switch, having dried up/cracked
and also fallen apart, leave a space that provides the move think you"re pushing the brake pedal - leaving the lamp "on".Taping a dime or penny temporarily to comprise for the lack of complete thickness because that the take trip of the pedal to the switch, deserve to be a brief term fix. But, it"s better to obtain a rubber/plastic item vs a hard metal coin, actuating the plastic plunger switch device over the lengthy run.I learned about this because that my 88 Nissan 300ZX... Yet it turns out it"s pretty common throughout all makes.Here"s a picture that mirrors two instances of a brake stopper pad:
edit: here"s a youtube clip that shows what the pedal, stopper, and also plunger switch looks favor on a Corolla. The clip is shaky and also annoying, yet it has actually a minute near the 1:17 mark that clearly shows the black rubber stopper that deserve to be the culprit.

Here"s a sample listing at amazon because that a "brake pedal stop pad". Be sure to obtain the ideal type/shape!

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