When dogs shred pee pads, owners are often desperate for solutions on how to sheight this actions. Pee pads deserve to be expensive and also cleaning up all the shredded particles deserve to be an annoying chore, especially as soon as the scene repeats day after day. Following are miscellaneous theories regarding why dogs shred pee pads and also what deserve to be done around it.

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When dogs shred pee pads, owners are often despeprice for solutions on just how to stop this behavior. Pee pads deserve to be expensive and cleaning up all the shredded pwrite-ups have the right to be an annoying chore, particularly as soon as the scene repeats day after day. Following are miscellaneous theories as to why dogs shred pee pads and also what can be done around it.
Let's face it: behind a dog who shreds pee pads there is frequently a frustrated dog owner who is scratching his head wondering what to carry out about it. The behavior absolutely ranks high among those annoying things puppies and dogs perform, yet why execute dogs shred pee pads? Are they on a mission to drive their owners insane? 

Turns out, dogs have their very own individual reasons for shredding pee pads. Until the day dogs can talk, we can only make some assumptions. One strong presumption that prevails is that dogs carry out it simply because it's fun. 

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun!

Puppies are well known for finding toilet paper, plain tissue paper and pee pads attrenergetic and have fun shredding them right into pieces. Shredding appears to be  irresistible, just as a child cannot stand up to kicking a ball or playing with random objects using their creativity.

B.F. Skinner, the father of operant conditioning when claimed that actions which is reinforced often tends to be repeated (i.e., strengthened), whereas; habits which is not reinforced has a tendency to die out-or be extinguiburned (i.e., weakened). 

Because the mere texture of the pee pads is pleasant in the mouth, combined with the fact that the pee pads have the right to be quickly ripped apart (which mimics what dogs did in the wild to prey), certainly leads to an entertaining, highly reinforcing suffer. 

It's not surpincreasing, therefore, that when it comes shredding pee pads to pieces, this behavior can quickly and potentially come to be habit-forming (as the actions has a tendency to strengthen and repeat).

While shredding pee pads to pieces can be entertaining to many puppies, puppy owners aren't delighted. Those pee pads are expensive, not to mention it's rather a chore picking up all those minute pieces. On peak of that, shredded pee pads defeat their major objective which is to collect and absorb the puppys' or dogs' waste. 

An Issue of Unmet Needs 

Puppies and also dogs have most demands and dog owners leading busy lifelayouts may struggle to satisfy these needs. In order to flourish, dogs need day-to-day walks (for young puppies who haven't finimelted their vaccinations or simply finimelted them, dog owners have to check through their vets for once it's safe to walk them), opportunities for socialization, play time (via their owners/other dogs), training and mental stimulation. 

Fail to administer puppies and dogs via sufficient exercise and psychological stimulation, and also they will soon uncover their very own means to entertain themselves. "Idle paws are a devil's workshop" goes the doggy version of this old saying. 

If the puppy or dog feels lonely or is frustrated as a result of unmet needs, he will find shredding the pee pads as a great outlet for his pent-up power.

Some puppies or dogs who feel neglected by their owners, may also decide to start shredding their wee wee pads if they alert that this is the only way they have the right to get their owner's attention. Even if they become scolded, these dogs may feel that negative attention is much better than no attention at all!

On top of shredding paper when dogs feel lonely, frustrated or bored, dogs can also engage in this behavior if they are feeling stressed or anxious. 

Lack of Legit Items to Chew

If your puppy or dog doesn't have actually accessibility to enough playthings or if the playthings are specifically boring (constantly the exact same day after day), you can virtually bet he'll find that the pee pads sell by far even more entertainment value. 



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It's virtually a no-brainer for them, however let's put ourselves in their shoes for once. If you were a kid left in a room via no appealing toys to entertain yourself all day, remainder assured, you would certainly have a solid urge to find some playful usage of the objects you'll uncover roughly you. Perhaps you might grab a pencil and also pretend it's an airplane or you may begin playing hopscotch on the tiles. 

Puppies and also dogs are regularly left via nopoint to execute and all they need is to discover a way to pass their time. If tright here are no amazing toys about that accomplish their senses, they will certainly seek other venues such as chewing furniture or grabbing and also shredding those pee pads to pieces. 

Risks With Puppies and also Dogs Ingesting Pee Pads

Some puppies and also dogs aren't just happy through shredding the pads to pieces, however might additionally manage to chew them up and also swenable them. 

"The primary issue with pee pads is that they are designed to be absorbent, so they have the right to absorb fluids from the gastrointestinal tract and also grow in size, making them a risk for obtaining stuck in the intestines," describes veterinarian Dr. Paul.

Signs of trouble to watch for are loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble defecating, lethargy and abdominal pain. 

If any type of of these signs are watched, they absolutely warrant a veterinary visit for an exam and feasible x-rays to ascendancy out a blockage of the intestinal tract. Blockperiods have the right to be problematic and also costly affairs. You want to stop this possibility as a lot as possible.

Now That You Know...

Puppies and also dogs shred pee pads largely because it's a fun, rewarding activity. In order to curb this habits, you may need to tackle the concern on miscellaneous fronts.

A excellent beginning allude is to make the task of shredding the pee pads a more difficult task. This have the right to be done by taping the pee pads down to the floor or by placing a heavy object on them so that the puppy cannot rerelocate them. However before, some puppies gain the "resistance" developed and will certainly tug on one side and pull the and also shred the pee pads also even more. 

A better alternative might be investing in a distinct pee pad holder (shaped kind of choose tray) to help keep the pad in location. The pad tray acts as holder, given that it has actually latches deliberately designed to lock the pad secucount in location and ensuring it continues to be flat. Tright here are combined reviews on these trays tough through some owners reporting success and also others still reporting the shredding.

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Additionally, dog and also puppy owners managing this trouble deserve to attempt to invest in washable, reusable housebreaking pads. These are made of cloth and many kind of like their ease of usage given that they help conserve money in the long run.

For exceptionally stubborn cases, the use of those "grass-prefer doggy litter boxes" might administer a suitable replacement. It might just take a little bit of an adjustment duration to deliver dogs to their usage. As a plus though, these job-related good if dog owners ever before decide to potty train their dog to go potty outside one day on grass. 

For puppy and also dog owners that are frequently at house and also have the right to supervise the puppy throughout the day, training the puppy the leave it and also drop it command also can be advantageous and also even possibly life saving that day the puppy or dog grabs something potentially harmful. 

Last however not least, encertain your puppy has actually accessibility to plenty of playthings (revolve them every currently and also then to keep his interemainder alive and also invest in interactive food-dispensing playthings that carry out a mental workout) and also encertain that he is offered sufficient training, socialization and also psychological stimulation so that he has less possibility to think about ripping those pee pads apart.  

Often, tackling disastrous actions, such as dogs ripping up pee pads, requires a multi-faceted strategy, utilizing the combination of numerous services. With the pee pad retained secucount in place, access to novel, entertaining toys and also with those demands for exercise, play and also mental stimulations met, puppies and also dogs must feel less compelresulted in tear those pee pads apart. 


Adrienne Farricelli is a certified dog trainer and also actions consultant, previous veterinarian assistant and writer of "Brain Training for Dogs."