When it involves colouring her hair, the possibilities room endless. Dreaming of mermaid ocean blues? You’ve obtained it. Violet sunset ombre? The sky’s the limit! Peach perfection? Peachy keen.

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The ideal thing around getting an imaginative with her hair colour is the you’re not restricted to the colour you view on the box, semi irreversible hair dyes room perfectly suitable to mixing with each other to type your perfect shade. 

Follow these tips to acquire you started.

The an initial step is come test! 

Repeat after ~ me: i solemnly swear I will certainly strand check my hair. Checking how the colour turns out on your hair before using the colour all over means you deserve to see if there’s anything you want to change around the colour and also you deserve to make the adjustments.

Hot tip: also if you’ve dyed her hair prior to we still recommend doing a strand test, because it could be in a different condition or have a various base colour to the last time girlfriend dyed it.

Want a lighter colour? include conditioner.

Mixing white conditioner with the semi permanent dyes will certainly lighten the colour, transforming down the intensity and also taking that to an ext of a pastel vibe. 

Just be aware that it can also mean the colour might fade an ext quickly. Save the color for longer by staying clear of heat styling and using moisturising hair masks to store your hair hydrated.


Want to turn up the volume on the colour? leaving the dye in for longer before you rinse that out.

Image source: well-off Tran https://www.instagram.com/p/B_PGdxoDYVS/


If in-your-face colour is what you’re after, leaving the dye in because that longer prior to rinsing it out over the sink. You can leave the for fifty percent an hour or longer to get that full on extreme colour hit! 

We use an ammonia free, paraben free, gentle and conditioning formula, so leaving the dye in for longer won’t damages your hair. Your hair will be smooth and shiny and also ready to turn heads. 

Leaving the dye in for much longer does rise the continuing to be power the the colour, so obtain ready come rock that hair colour for a few weeks or more! 

After a darker colour? shot mixing colours together.

Mixing two (or more) that the water together tends to deepen the overall colour. Go for comparable colours, placed them into a bowl and also mix lock together before you apply to your hair, including the many of the color you desire the final result to resemble more closely.

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Dreaming that a slightly various shade? Get an innovative with mixing to customise your very own colour!

Image source:
lovecrayzeehair https://www.instagram.com/p/B9XKAJkANQ8/

Let your creative thinking guide you and also play roughly with colour combinations to discover your perfect shade. You deserve to mix in conditioner as well to lighten the colour and achieve a an ext pastel look.

Maybe that pastel pink with a dash of silver- for a dusty pink look, or half red, fifty percent purple for a deep maroon violet. The sky’s the limit!

If you gain stuck for motivation there’s too many of formats from an imaginative Brite client on our instagram.