Saint Gaudens yellow coin values have actually risen above $1,633 each. Containing nearly one ounce of gold, the price of the priceless metal develops this high base value.


Additionally, over there are several rare dates and also mint marks. For example, the 1908-S and 1925-S, when brought to auction, frequently trade for numerous thousands of dollars. The value chart highlights these rarely coins.

Also, collector need for "Uncirculated" instances of this majestic coin help raise the value above the minimum.

The St. Gaudens yellow coin pictured, a lustrous coin, mirroring no signs of wear, is worth end $1,692 because of that is condition.

Determining her coin is in this state of preservation easily moves Saint Gaudens gold coin values higher. Further down the page, just how to evaluate problem is extended in more detail.

Saint Gaudens gold Coin Values and also What dealers Pay

Except for the rarely dates, circulated and worn St. Gaudens space worth near to yellow value. Reserving the finest prices because that Uncirculated gold. Study your coins and the graph closely.

The above are wholesale Saint Gaudens yellow coin values. Computed from dealer"s price lists with miscellaneous mark-up determinants figured in. They reflect carefully the value you would mean to receive once selling.

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Variations in worth do happen subject to ethereal grading points, collector demands and dealer needs.

St. Gaudens Values space Conditional

Collectors and dealers avidly pursue gold coins, looking for ones in the ideal condition. Castle evaluate every coin in a procedure known together "Grading." together a coin circulates through business it progresses through various stages the wear and also loss of detail, every is assigned a grade.

Most St. Gaudens yellow is collected in the "Uncirculated" grade, appropriately these examples are worth a premium. Is your coin "Uncirculated," or contempt worn and also in the "About Uncirculated" grade? Finding accurate Saint Gaudens gold coin worths hinges on judging the difference.

An Uncirculated coin mirrors no indicators of wear and no break in the luster. Rotate your coin at different angles, under a light, the luster radiates out from the center, covering the whole surface.

An about Uncirculated coin sick from dealing with that quickly gets rid of luster native the highest points of the design. This light wear has actually a contempt dull appearance. Compare your coins to the grading image.


The distinction between Uncirculated and about Uncirculated is subtle. Because of the expertise forced to class accurately, and the different Saint Gaudens yellow coin worths from one grade come the next, most are it is registered to a grading service.

Collectors and also dealers consider PCGS and also NGC together leaders in coin grading services. Seek their advice. Castle both authenticate and grade her coin. The small fee you pay provides assurance girlfriend understand and also receive the complete value of your coin.

The importance of NGC and PCGS in ~ the collecting community is evident by touring a couple of sites. Examine a few rare coin dealers" listings, look for those supplying twenty dollar yellow coins similar to yours. Your listings and also prices encompass a notation that the NGC or PCGS assigned grade. Additionally, this coin dealers space potential buyers of her coins.

Finding the an important Mintmarks


Find the mintmark top top the obverse, just above the date.

Three different mints produced St. Gaudens gold and mint clues were location on coins by the branch mints to indicate origin.

The Mint in Denver Colorado used a "D" mintmark, the san Francisco Mint in California used an "S".

The key mint in Philadelphia Pennsylvania go not place a mintmark ~ above coins. Examine your coins, as the mintmarked issues often have greater values.

The popular of the style drives Saint Gaudens yellow coin values. This coin is always in need by collectors. Manage your coin very closely by the edge to keep its value.

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