Midnight society 3: DUB Edition

Developer: Rockstar mountain DiegoPublisher: Rockstar GamesPlatforms: game stations 2, XboxReleased in US: April 11, 2005 (Original), march 12, 2006 (Remix)Released in EU: April 15, 2005 (Original), march 17, 2006 (Remix)

This game has debugging material.

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This game has revisional differences.

Midnight society 3: Dub Edition is the third Midnight club game, introducing a partnership v DUB newspaper and adding licensed cars/bikes, as well as customization. In 2006, the game was given a re-release with added content called REMIX.


2 cut Content4 Revisional Differences4.4 UI Differences

Debug Displays

Codes beside O space for the original version, and codes beside the R are for the Remix version.



One that the display screens on PS2 has two pages - CPU, GPU usage, framerate and the like. They have the right to be switched in between each other by an altering the xx in the codes below with either 01 or 02. The Xbox variation only has a cut down different of the first page present, and the same codes use to both regions.

006E9BBC 000000xx006E993C 000000xx
006F60B0 000000xx006F60B0 000000xx
0051A56C 01
005599FC 01

The other screen shows a couple of performance graphs on the screen. This is only existing in the PS2 version.

006E9BC0 00000001006E9940 00000001
006F60B4 00000001006F60B4 00000001

(Source: Edness)

Cut Content

Cut Vehicles

In the audio financial institutions database, one have the right to see recommendations for a BMW 328i (E46), BMW Z3, a Mini-Cooper, a Toyota Celica, and Honda CBR, a Yahama RZF-R1, a Chrysler Sebring, a "novagp" which may refer come a Chevy Nova, a "grandprix" which may refer come a Pontiac GXP, a "vega" which might refer to a Chevy Vega, and also a "GT600" which may refer come a Mosler GT600.

It"s unknown if these cars were ever before intended come be included to the game, or their sounds to be recorded and used as references/in the video game itself. Some cars in the game do not have actually names provided here, meaning some cars most likely use these samples. In Midnight society 2, over there exists a z3.td, cbr.td, bmw.td amongst others, which way that few of these papers were most likely renamed and carried over from the vault game.

A Mercedes-Benz Maybach and also ATVs/dirt bikes are provided in the games memory.

Unused Songs

Certain song were detailed in the game"s files yet were cut, however did not make it because of licensing concerns with either the artist(s) themselves.

Some song were taken into consideration as loading display music, but became unused. One being Authority Zero"s Revolution, i beg your pardon was likewise featured in MX vs. ATV Unleashed.

Opponent-Only Parts

Many generic motorcycle riders space exclusive come NPC opponents. These riders frequently feature a covered face via a helmet or mask and no fabric physics, difference player riders.

An unused body kit, grille, and also tinted taillights because that the 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS (Gen VII) deserve to be viewed on NPC opponents. This human body kit is based upon a real "96 Impala SS featured by Dub Magazine, as checked out on one Impala SS diecast design in the Dub City line by Jada Toys. Additionally, the exhaust deserve to be changed whereas this is generally impossible.

An unused aftermarket hood because that tuners featuring 2 carbon fiber slits have the right to be checked out in use by miscellaneous NPC presets. This hood model exists for each tuner, and was also remodeled for the tuners featured in Remix.

Carbon fiber hoods space seen in use by many NPCs ~ above vehicles whereby they normally aren"t available, frequently exotics.

Platform Differences

Loading screen music is only played in the playstations 2 version. The Xbox"s loading display screen is the very same as the playstations 2, however, no music plays if the video game loads.

The Xbox variation supports 16:9 widescreen together 480p.

The PSP has actually a simplified loading display screen likely because of hardware limitations.

The PSP version lacks damage models because that every vehicle.

Also, in the PSP version, several automobile prices to be changed, such together the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG (W297)"s price being boosted from $725,000 come $1,400,000.

Likewise, the Cadillac Cien and Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept"s price were lessened to $100,000, and also the Chrysler Me 4 Twelve"s price was decreased to $140,000.

The PSP version also has five exclusive songs:

Calyx - The points You mean To MeDom & Roland - Paradrenasite (Combined by Hive)Dom & Roland - Dance all NightOmni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul play Remix)The Martian - Tobacco Ties

Revisional Differences

The REMIX edition added Tokyo, 24 brand-new vehicles, and also 25 new songs, too as transforming the UI layout to greatly red.

Added Vehicles

1966 Cadillac Coupe de Ville1970 Cadillac El Dorado2005 Cadillac XLR1963 Chevrolet Corvette C21970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 4542003 Chevrolet SSR2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS2005 evade Charger SRT-82004 evade Magnum R/T2005 evade Super 8 HEMI2004 Hummer H3T Concept2005 GMC Yukon DenaliHotmatch ChingonHotmatch V-Lux2006 Ducati Paul smart 10001998 Gemballa F3552003 Gemballa GT 7502003 Infiniti FX452005 Infiniti G35 (V35)1998 Lamborghini Diablo2004 Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG2005 Nissan sport Concept1999 Pagani Zonda C-12 S2005 Scion tC

Save Data Differences

The save video game data icon of Midnight society 3: DUB execution is red, when the REMIX version instead uses a irradiate purplish-blue conserve data icon in the PS2 Browser.

Save game data because that the original Midnight society 3: DUB Edition have the right to be imported for use on a REMIX save game, identified with a DUB Edition instead of the city name.

Loading screen Differences

The left side arrows were replaced by a tide of squares in the REMIX edition.

UI Differences

The food selection UI was readjusted from largely blue and also gold, to red and also black wave of squares.Some notable changes include, the highlighter being changed from orange come white, the food selection text being adjusted to from light blue come orange.

Title Screen initial Remix
Nav System

The rotate circle v a star was gotten rid of in the REMIX version"s Nav mechanism as component of the recolored UI.

initial Remix
Main Menu

NOTE: The main menu is shown assuming the player neither has an internet link nor own any type of vehicles, in which go to Garage and Networking space not in the list.

original Remix

City Differences

In the initial version, going right into the City carry in the career will send the player near the new city"s City deliver Movers area, in the Remix version, the player is instead sent nearer come the city"s garage.

Garage Changes

Each vehicle"s suitable engine sound currently plays in-game once the auto leaves the garage, an unified with the class-specific garage engine sound.

However, the PS2 variation glitches the sound if a different car is highlighted/loaded.

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Also, two Ducati motorcycles" prices were changed, with the SS1000"s price being lessened from $12,200 to $10,995, while the Ducati 999R"s price was enhanced from $29,995 come $31,495.