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Kevin and Max room the two main personalities in Rodman Philbrick "s teenager novel. Both boys face physical and also mental challenges during the food of the story, and also they discover that working together have the right to be a benefit to both the them. Maxwell Kane is the narrator, a very large boy that lives...

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Kevin and also Max room the 2 main characters in Rodman Philbrick"s teenager novel. Both boys challenge physical and also mental obstacles during the course of the story, and also they discover that functioning together deserve to be a benefit to both of them. Maxwell Kane is the narrator, a very big boy who lives with his grandparents. Max has issues with his ever-growing body, but his psychological state is a much more serious problem. As a tiny boy he saw the murder of his mom by his father, Kenny "Killer" Kane; soon afterward he very first met Kevin at day care. Kevin suffers from a an illness which has actually left his tiny human body twisted and also deformed. Yet Kevin"s physical limitations have not affected his brain: he is a genius with an countless vocabulary and also a fascination for knights and dragons. As soon as Kevin and his mother, The fair Gwen, move in next door to Max, the boys become friends. Shortly they come up v an idea: Separately, the 2 boys challenge the daily obstacles that can be supposed of 2 such inexplicable individuals. They space bullied and also stared at, and also they have troubles getting around. But together, the guys discover, lock can incorporate their strengths: when Max hoists Kevin top top his shoulders, it solves the problem of Kevin"s mobility. V an expanded new view of life, Kevin gives orders native above, and Max doesn"t need to worry about the decisions he must make, trusting that Kevin"s calculations will be the appropriate ones. Together, they come to be "Freak the Mighty." The tandem twosome thrive stronger v their friendship, and also Kevin is may be to suffer adventures he had actually only previously imagined. Max realizes that

I never had actually a brain before till Freak came along and also let me lend his for a while. (Chapter 1)

Max is so motivated by Freak the he decides to placed "the unvanquished reality stuff down" top top paper. After "months and months" in the under under, Max increase with a brand-new outlook on life and a book that relives the tales of Freak the Mighty.