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Mac Dre net worth is
$1.5 Million

Mac Dre Wiki Biography

Andre louis Hicks was born on 5 July 1970, in Oakland, California USA, and as Mac Dre was a rapper, best known as the founder of Romp Productions and Thizz Entertainment. He released countless albums throughout the course of his music career and all of his endeavors have helped put his network worth to wherein it was before his passing.

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How rich was Mac Dre? together of mid-2016, sources inform us that a network worth the was at $1.5 million, mostly built up through his time in the music industry. He released many solo, compilation, and also collaboration albums, and even tried his hand in ~ movies though he’s ideal known because that his prison sentence and the work he go afterwards. Every one of these guarantee the position of his wealth.

Mac Dre network Worth $1.5 million

Mac attend Hogan High School, and also then began his rap career under the surname MC Dre. However, the soon readjusted it to Mac Dre and eventually obtained his begin in the music industry. In 1989 he exit his an initial EP which brought about two an ext releases come 1992, when he to be charged through conspiracy come commit robbery, which experienced him sent out him to prison for five years; at the time, he own a document label dubbed Romp Productions and was earning a far-ranging amount the money. During his time in prison he would achieve a G.E.D. And even recorded an album end the ‘phone, about law enforcement. He additionally helped teach rapper X-Raided some rhyming an abilities over the phone.

The album “Mac Dre Presents: The Rompalation” was released in 1996 when he remained in prison. He was released the adhering to year and worked on his following album dubbed “Stupid Doo Doo Dumb”, at some point released in 1998, and he then operated on his next project called “Rapper unable to do Bad”. Dre would certainly leave the town he grew up in to get away native his past, and relocated to Sacramento. Throughout his time there, he began to adopt a an ext party oriented lifestyle to comprise for the shed time he had in prison. He established the document label Thizz Entertainment, and became an support of help others get out of the highways as that had. After ~ the facility of his brand-new label, he began to occupational with huge names in the music industry consisting of Andre Nickatina, Jay Tee, and Mac Mall.

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For his an individual life, that is well-known that Mac Dre had his re-publishing of conflicts with various other members of the industry. In 2004, that was collection to carry out a show and also was reportedly having a payment conflict with among the club promotors. When he was travelling beforehand in the morning, a group of assailants in a stolen vehicle started shooting in ~ the van in which Dre to be a passenger. The automobile crashed and the driver to be able to speak to 911 yet Mac was pronounced dead in ~ the scene, having been hit by a bullet to the earlier of the neck. His fatality remains unsolved with no leads regarding who killed him and also why. He was buried in Oakland at the mountain View Cemetery.

Full NameMac Dre
Net Worth$1.5 Million
Date that BirthJuly 5, 1970
DiedNovember 1, 2004, Kansas City, Missouri, joined States
Place of BirthOakland, California USA
ChildrenAndrea Hicks
ParentsAllen Hicks, Wanda Salvatto
SiblingsJacquil Hicks
NicknamesMac Drizzle, Mac Dreezy, Mac Drevious, Thizzelle Washington, Mr. Furly, Thizz King, Pill Clinton, Ronald Dregan, The make it take place Cap"n, Andre McEnroe, Andre Maccassi, The Thizzard of Oz, The Mac named Dre, and Thizzy Marley
MoviesThe Gift, Mac Dre