Season 3 illustration 9 - Wabbit Worries/ Wabbit Babies

Wabbit Worries: tiny Bill is an extremely excited one morning at school when miss Murray hands the end the class assignments and also asks him to look ~ the class\" new pet rabbits, Dwayne and Wabbit. Little Bill becomes came to when Wabbit, who commonly loves to be held and also eats the hare food as soon as it\"s served, is strangly quiet and also isn\"t hungry. Miss Murray says calling a vet in the morning to inspect Wabbit out. Together he walks home, small Bill decides to consult pets shop owner Mr. Percy with Wabbit\"s symptoms. Mr. Percy agrees to concerned school the next day and also examines Wabbit; the announces he has actually two surpises because that the class-- Wabbit is yes, really a female, and also she\"s walk to have actually babies soon, fathered through Dwayne. Mr. Percy volunteers to take it Wabbit to his pets shop to save her under monitoring until the litter is born. That night, small Bill expresses his problems over Wabbit\"s problem to Brenda; she describes that Wabbit has the infant rabbits growing in she tummy, just like people Air day : 25th-Nov-2002

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Season 3 illustration 1 - Ready, Set, Read!/ I got A Letter

Ready, Set, Read!: small Bill decides he wants to find out to review after city hall Bobby enjoy analysis a joke book. In ~ school, he asks miss out on Murray for assistance, so she imagine a word game of looking up things in the room that start with the very same letter and writing the words on the plank so the kids can see how they\"re spelled. Throughout story time, miss Murray talks Bill v reading among his favorite stories, take care of the valuable Horse; little Bill recognizes some of the words many thanks to the game they play earlier. Once he it s okay home, small Bill shows Bobby just how well he can read the story, and Bobby offers to aid him discover the jokes in his book.I gained A Letter: When little Bill helps large Bill bring in the mail one afternoon, that asks how civilization get mail addressed to them. His father points the end that in many cases, if you write a letter, you obtain letters, so little Bill choose to write a letter to among his friends. The draws apicture because that Andrew, and huge Bill help him address the Air date : 7th-May-2001Read More

Season 3 episode 2 - The Violin class / Squirmy

The Violin Lesson: tiny Bill is playing outside with Andrew and also Kiku once they hear Bobby practicing his violin for an upcoming recital. Bobby is still a fairly new performer, therefore the violin sometimes squeaks when he\"s discovering a brand-new song. Little Bill and also the others think the instrument sound funny and start to imitate the noise. In ~ dinner, invoice does his violin impression for his parents, but Bobby think his brothers is making funny of him and also runs off, hurt. April explains to small Bill that finding out to pat an tool takes time and also practice, and that occasionally you can make mistakes. Invoice apologizes come Bobby and also asks him to play the brand-new song the learned.Squirmy: Andrew and also Bill space playing in the earlier yard when they watch an earthworm crawling the end of Alice The Great\"s garden. Small Bill is intrigued by the worm and also decides to save it as a pet, naming it Squirmy for the way it wiggles. Once he asks for permission to store it, however, Brenda is adamant around not having worms i Air day : 9th-May-2001Read More

Season 3 illustration 3 - Monty access time / Mom\"s trip

Monty Visits: small Bill is excited when Alice the an excellent tells that his friend Monty is coming over to invest the day; he brings all his favorite playthings down to the living room so Monty won\"t need to worry around manuevering his wheelchair upstairs. Once Monty arrives, he appears to be much more interested in helping Alice the an excellent prepare a sweet potato pie 보다 playing any kind of games. That tells her he wants to come to be a chef as soon as he grow up, and is constantly helping his parents in the kitchen. Alice the an excellent appreciates the assistance and also his company, yet Bill gets angry the his good grandmother is acquisition away his friend; he becomes even much more upset when Alice remarks the she loves Monty-- he think she loves Monty more than him. Alice describes that she is only being hospitable to Monty because he is a guest, and although she did speak loves him as a great friend, she will never love everyone the method she loves Bill. Monty apologizes for upsetting tiny Bill, and also invites him to sign up with in to do the pie.M Air day : 10th-May-2001Read More

Season 3 illustration 4 - The No-Talking contest / The search For The sock

The No talking Contest: The kids are helping to clean the kitchen, and also Bobby and little Bill complain to huge Bill that April\"s to sing is stroked nerves them. Your father states that if they room working with each other they are not come fight, for this reason April proposes a \"\"No talk Contest\"\" for this reason they won\"t say anything hurtful come one another. Bobby gets little Bill to it is in the an initial one to break the quiet by dropping his watch, yet Bill cases Bobby cheated by speak \"\"Oops\"\" as soon as he to reduce the watched to get his brother\"s attention. When a second round causes April come laugh, they decision to make a dominion that no one have the right to make any type of sound, not just talking, in order come win. Big Bill wonders what\"s walking on once the children refuse to answer the telephone and also don\"t want to talk to Brenda. The youngsters manage to stay quiet while clean the kitchen, but little Bill notices the Bobby by chance knocked his watch into the trash, and huge Bill is about to supply the bag come the rubbish man. That screams Air day : 11th-May-2001Read More

Season 3 episode 5 - A Day at The Beach/ The obtain Well song

A Day in ~ The Beach: The Glovers walk to the beach for a job off, and while large Bill simply wants to relax, the children want the to join in through them and have part fun. They go swimming, play games, build sand castles, and also go exploring for shells. As big Bill lies under to finally try to relax, small Bill suggests to his siblings that they ask their dad in the sand. Although that pretends to protest, huge Bill actually enjoys not having to worry about moving and also falls sleep while everyone else has lunch. Little Bill asks Brenda why huge Bill doesn\"t desire to play, and she defines that his father is worn down from the lengthy drive to the beach and all the things he did for everybody else. As soon as he realizes just how much he appreciates every the things huge Bill walk without being asked, small Bill goes over to where large Bill is lying and offers to check out to him so they can relax together. The obtain Well Song: huge Bill captures a cold and has come stay residence from work. Small Bill volunteer to take treatment of h Air day : 12th-Feb-2002Read More

Season 3 illustration 6 - Michael Sleeps Over/ Michael\"s an initial Snow

Michael Sleeps Over: tiny Bill invites his girlfriend Michael to invest the night as soon as Michael\"s mother needs to go the end of city for the day. In ~ first, Michael enjoys play games and meeting the family, yet by dinnertime, he becomes homesick and also wants big Bill to take it him home. Tiny Bill tries to make Michael feel much more comfortable by letting his friend sleep in his bed ~ above Captain Brainstorm sheets, because Michael\"s bed in ~ home has actually the very same bedding. The also enables Michael come play v Elephant for this reason Michael won\"t miss his own pet goldfish as much. Once they finally go to sleep, Michael claims he\"ll repay little Bill for every his hospitality by inviting him to sleep end at his house.Michael\"s first Snow: as Brenda is placing the guys to bed, she notices that exterior a hefty snowfall has started, and by morning the back yard is blanketed through snow. Michael remarks that due to the fact that he grew up in Florida, wherein it\"s normally sunny every year round, the this is the first time he\"s seen snow. April, Bobby, Air date : 6th-Mar-2002Read More

Season 3 episode 7 - Monty joins The Class/ Dad go To school

Monty joins The Class: small Bill\"s friend, Monty, move closer come town, for this reason he will be going to Bill\"s institution now. Small Bill volunteers to be Monty\"s \"\"Super Helper,\"\" and show him around the class, because he already knows Monty. Unfortunately, in his efforts to it is in helpful, tiny Bill ends up doing every little thing for Monty fairly than wait for Monty come ask for help, or letting Monty carry out it himself. Resentful, Monty states he doesn\"t desire Bill\"s help anymore, and also that that would prefer to play with someone else. Later that night, tiny Bill understands what that must have actually been doing come Monty once he has an obstacle putting on his pajamas, and Alice the good tries to offer assistance; Bill says that he deserve to do it, and isn\"t a baby. The following day at school, bill apologizes come Monty, that teaches him how to use the magnetic fishing game more efficiently. Little Bill points out that Monty assisted him-- in an ext ways than one.Dad Goes to School: miss Murray arranges for every the children\"s fathers to v Air day : 13th-Mar-2002Read More

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Season 3 illustration 8 - Number One top top Honeywood Street/ Baseball Glovers

Number One on Honeywood Street: April and Bobby are having actually a trusted competition the racing, and also when April wins, she begins to brag that she\"s \"\"Number One on Honeywood Street.\"\" The children run into small Bill\"s friend, Andrew, and his visiting cousins, who insurance claim that they win every type of video game they beat on their block. Spurred on through competitiveness, April difficulties them come a collection of track and field type games to prove who\"s the best. Andrew and little Bill desire to beat on the same team, yet April and also Andrew\"s cousins argue that they need to play together families versus another. When Andrew\"s team shows up to it is in winning, April gets angry and also accuses Bobby and also Bill of not trying tough enough, therefore they quit playing. The other youngsters make April realize the she is acquisition the video game too seriously in wanting to be the best, and that they began playing the video game as a means to have actually fun together.Baseball Glovers: It\"s time for the annual Glover family members Picnic and also Baseball Playoff Game, but big Bil Air day : 19th-Mar-2002Read More

Season 3 episode 9 - Wabbit Worries/ Wabbit Babies

Wabbit Worries: tiny Bill is an extremely excited one morning at college when miss out on Murray hands out the course assignments and asks him come look after ~ the class\" brand-new pet rabbits, Dwayne and Wabbit. Small Bill becomes came to when Wabbit, who usually loves to it is in held and eats the rabbit food as quickly as it\"s served, is strangly quiet and also isn\"t hungry. Miss out on Murray suggests calling a veterinarian in the morning to inspect Wabbit out. Together he to walk home, small Bill decides come consult pets shop owner Mr. Percy v Wabbit\"s symptoms. Mr. Percy agrees to involved school the next day and also examines Wabbit; the announces he has two surpises because that the class-- Wabbit is really a female, and she\"s walking to have babies soon, fathered through Dwayne. Mr. Percy volunteers to take Wabbit to his pets shop to store her under monitoring until the litter is born. That night, small Bill expresses his issues over Wabbit\"s condition to Brenda; she describes that Wabbit has the baby rabbits cultivation in her tummy, as with people Air day : 25th-Nov-2002Read More