i recently acquired Madden 17. Like any kind of EA sporting activities game, it has a soundtrack of "EA Trax", which are usually terrible. Luckily, you have the right to disable lock one-by-one in case any kind of of them take place to be okay.

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One that the critical songs ns disabled before transforming the music off totally was River by Bishop Briggs. The music is okay and the singing is nice good, however the text don"t make any sense in ~ all, and I keep obtaining them stuck in my head.

Specifically, over there is a stop she claims over, and over, and over:

Shut your mouth and run me choose a river

What in the people does that mean?

You can"t operation a person, and even if you could, a river can"t, since rivers don"t run things.

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After asking this question, the was discussed to me the "running a river" is a method to refer to travelling down a turbulent river, commonly on a raft, kayak, or canoe.

So, i think i was analysis that expression wrong. Here"s the phrase:

Run me favor a river

Here"s how I was reading it:

Run me like a river would

Here"s exactly how it"s probably claimed to it is in read:

Run me choose you would run a river

The remainder of the song seems to it is in talking about a difficult, stormy relationship. I think she"s comparing it s her to a stormy river, and telling her male to be solid and address her difficult emotions together if he was navigating rapids on a river the he was running.

It"s likewise important that he close up door his mouth to stop drowning.

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I think that is using different meanings of words run to at some point suggest sensuality and sexuality. Run can refer come her as a river and him running down her. On one finish this can mean something like running his fingers with her hair but on the other finish this might mean "running she through" as you would carry out with a sword. The sword being a an allegory for sex. This would go along with some of the various other imagery in the lyrics around killing and also shooting and stuff. Sex is also referred to together the small death or something like that in some culture.

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It means the plot of navigating miscellaneous or someone. As in white water rafting and the action of navigating many potentially danger obstacles in an initiative to continue on her journey relitively unscathed.

It provides perfect feeling when conversely applied to a relationship and also the ups and downs (esp. If more downs than ups and also the fact that one party the said connection is unable and doesn"t know how to reaction to claimed "obstacles".

The specific lyrics can quickly be in recommendation to the much more problematic half of the relationship telling the other person not to give up and also leave however to shot and merely navigate about the difficult "obstacles" as they come up fairly than think so much about each one and get stuck.

"When going with Hell, keep going"!:)

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Lyrics:Don"t you say, don"t you say itDon"t say, don"t you speak itOne breath, it"ll just break itSo shut her mouth and also run me favor a river

Explanation: The relationship in inquiry is for this reason close to finishing that a single word or breath might reason everything to crash. The singer desires her lover to not speak, however instead to make love come her before everything comes tumbling down."Run me choose a river" is a sex-related innuendo.

Lyrics:Shut her mouth, baby, stand and deliverHoly hands, oh, they do me a sinnerLike a river, favor a riverShut her mouth and also run me prefer a riverChoke this love "til the veins begin to shiverOne last breath "til the tears start to witherLike a river, choose a riverShut your mouth and also run me choose a river

Explanation: She asks she lover to display love rather than speak it, to use his/her hands, to overcome her deeply, thoroughly, violently.

What have the artist said around the song?

According come FADER, Bishop stated of the song’s tone:

I feel choose this song has multiple personalities: strong, weak, torn, controlling, submissive. “They are all a component of me and also constantly changing. Ns think world will feel that.

Later in the year, Briggs summary the themes the “River” to The Huffington Post:

“River” is all around tension and release. It’s around intimacy and also solace. It’s around staring someone in the face and also not backing down.

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And about the very same time, Bishop summary the track together this:

“River” is all around staring someone in the face and also pushing them to their borders – every little thing those boundaries may be.