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Purchasable Bonus Spells

Slugulus Eructo 500,000Stops victim and also pukes increase slugs.

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Rictusempra65,000Tickles and also makes victim laugh hard.

Entomorphis80,000Turns victims into insects.

Tarantallegra75,000Makes victims dance.

Locomotor Mortis30,000Ties up the victim"s legs.

Redactum Skullus10,000Shrinks the head.

Colovaria75,000Removes hair.

Calvorio20,000Changes victim"s hair.

Anteoculatia95,000Turns hair right into deer antlers.

Herbifors15,000Flowers comes out from the hair.

Glacius110,000Freezes victims.

Incarcerous100,000Hogties victims.

Expelliarmus10,000Disarms victims.

Flipendo125,000Flips people.

Trip Jinx40,000Trips people.

Stupefy150,000Stuns victims

Transfiguration200,000Turns victim to animals.

Engorgio Skullus10,000Enlarges the head.

Immoblius400,000Traps victim in a bubble.

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Nov 21st 2015Guest
HOW perform YOU FREAKING DELETE THEM?!?! they are obtaining really annoying.
ID #627119
Jan 18th 2015GuestNUGGETS
ID #503460
Dec fourth 2014GuestHow to use these spells in Wii??Please answer quickly
ID #480167
May 16th 2014Guest
How do you acquire dark magic?
ID #384712
Apr fourth 2014Gueston the wii to open the order wheel friend just host down the c switch on the nunchuck.
ID #371340
Feb 23rd 2014GuestWhat are the names for the spells that you have?
ID #358404
Jan 14th 2013Guest
olympic podium diving bricks what order early they walk in ?
ID #242790
Dec 26th 2012GuestHow carry out u delete the spells
ID #229022
Oct 19th 2012GuestHow carry out you open the assignment wheel on a Wii
ID #198419
Aug 5th 2012Guestwhere come buy them
ID #172369
Apr second 2012Guest
Add spells by going right into the Wessley save they are appropriate in the front once u step on the gold spot through the stairs
ID #128623
Mar 11th 2012GuestHow execute I purchase spells
ID #122167
Jan fifth 2012Guest"you open the assignment wheel and then put it come the default order icon and hold down the same button you supplied to open up the assignment wheel and also the spells will alternate (change"
ID #103064
Jan 4th 2012Guest
how execute you delete them
ID #102744
Jan third 2012Guesti tried opening the order wheel. Now what?
ID #102515
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