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Year 5 - Level 6: A Veiled Threat

Level beginning with an additional cauldron ingredient hunt. Use WiLe ~ above the three globes best in prior of the beginning point, then lug the ingredient every the method to the appropriate where the cauldron is located. For the following ingredient, look increase from the cauldron, there"s a four-wheeled cart. Relocate the three colored items making use of WiLe, then choose up the ingredient.

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Use Harry, go earlier to the left a little, there will certainly be an additional cart. Jump up to it, then her friends will certainly lift friend up, then pick up the last ingredient.

Collectibles:CREST 1: destroy five globes.

Just keep running under the corridors come escape.

Collectibles:Hermione (Jumper) character token: to fill up the tank on ideal side v AGUA, then use WiLe come shake the tank.Lucius (Death Eater) personality token: develop the globe and also use WiLe to shake it.CREST 2: damage the five globes that you will view in the an initial three areas of Year 5 - Level 6: A Veiled Threat.

Now you need to complimentary five civilization while staying clear of the shots indigenous the villains. Very first up, go to the left area, whereby there space white boulders. Usage WiLe to move the boulders, store holding down B till the boulder shoots and hits the enemy.


Next up, move a little to the right, over there you will watch some red blocks. Fight it, then usage WiLe to develop an anvil. Usage WiLe top top the anvil, host down B, then organize up or under to do it shoot. Then, walk to the leftmost area. Use WiLe to build a skeleton, then WiLe do it shoot the villain.


Go ago to your beginning point, use WiLe top top the wheeled desk and also shoot it. Switch to Sirius, go to the center area and pet-dig on the sand. Use WiLe come shoot the item to complimentary the lovely Luna.

Collectibles:STUDENT IN PERIL: destruction up ~ above the appropriate side area.CREST 3: use Dark sorcerer’s on five red objects.

Crest 3

Another dueling sequence ends Year 5. This time friend tag team with Sirius come kick serious butt!

Basic dueling rules apply. You can choose any character and also face one of the villains. When picking the same color for girlfriend enemy"s magic, make sure to block as soon as a spell is comes at you, since sometimes the villain will shoot double in a heat while you are still choosing your spell. Take keep in mind of that. Inspect the video below:

Kicking Sirius butt

Then you"ll confront Voldemort.

Collectibles:Fudge (Wizengamot) character token: ~ above the best side of the fountain.CREST 4: placed out ten fires do by the dragon.

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Using Dumbledore, store mashing the button to to win Voldemort"s magic.

Once the dragon is out, develop the sprinkler at facility area to damages the dragon. Usage your WiLe top top the water valve fountain in ~ the ideal side come add an ext damage. Attack Voldemort through Dumbledore because that yet one more damage. Climate Dumbledore will save on blocking Voldemort"s spells. Move to Harry, and also make sure to always stay behind Dumbledore. Use WiLe to build the debris native Voldemort"s shots and shoot it ago to him 3 times. Examine the video below for part reference and action. =)