Greetings once again readers and friends! give thanks to you because that joining me this particular day to testimonial “Voodoo Magic”. Not only is this episode one of my favorite of season one, it is among my favourite of the entire series. We gain a an excellent dose that Eddie Haskell and also some all roughly funny moments. Let’s begin reviewing “Voodoo Magic”!

The story begins with Ward and also June pointing out Eddie Haskell. June says, “I just don’t favor that boy”. This again says that Eddie has only recently pertained to know Wally. Eddie and the Cleaver boys space planning to go check out a movie, fine a double-bill if friend will, at the globe Theater. The movies space Massacre at Blood River and also Voodoo Curse. June claims no means on Beaver seeing together violent and also adult titles. Eddie tries to success her end by suggesting Voodoo Curse is an education film because it to be shot in Haiti. June is no won over by this argument and also suggests the boys go watch Pinocchio in ~ the Valencia Theater. The boys agree come go view the Disney classic. After lock leave, Ward says that over there should have been no trouble with Beaver seeing Voodoo Curse as he saw plenty of a fear film as a boy. June worries around Beaver gift permanently scarred by see the film. This reminded me of a time at an early stage in my relationship with mine wife. I want to take it her boy (later to it is in my stepson), that was then approximately 13, to view The last Stand v Arnold Schwarzenegger. The previous California governor had just newly resumed acting and also I to be excited to check out him on display again. Mine wife had to review the plot, check the rating and also make certain it was an ideal for a boy of his age. I was surprised as my own mommy never cared much about what I observed on TV or at the movie theaters. The scene through Ward and June is important a sample of arts imitating life. In instance you were wondering, us did go see the movie.

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We obtain to view some standard Eddie Haskell scheming once the boys arrive at the globe Theater. They had agreed to accompany Eddie there prior to going to watch Pinocchio. Eddie hatches a setup that will enable the guys to view Massacre at Blood River and Voodoo Curse. Eddie factors Wally promised he would not take it Beaver to watch the 2 films; nothing to be said around Beaver taking Wally to check out them. Therefore, if Beaver pays because that the tickets, that is taking Wally. Eddie phone call this underhandedness recording parents on a technicality. Wally to know it is wrong, however agrees come the plan. He suggests the trio go look in ~ the Pinocchio poster in ~ the Valencia together it will permit him come truthfully state castle “saw” Pinocchio. Eddie offers this thinking the yes sir sign. As Eddie reasoned this way, it would seem he had a future in the legitimate field and maybe his dad was also a lawyer.

Later that same day, Eddie calls the Cleaver home to let the be well-known that Beaver left his cap at the world Theater and also it is in the manager’s office. Eddie’s motive below is never made known. The step plays out like he was doing a real favor because that Wally and also Beaver, however surely that realized sharing this v June would rat the boys out for disobeying her. Ward and June confirm by check the newspaper that the boys had actually no reason to be at the world Theater the day. Readers, your thoughts top top Eddie’s motives below are many welcome. You re welcome share v us your thoughts.

Something fun we regularly did on The Brady Bunch the evaluation Blog to be take a closer look at newspapers when watched on camera. This one did not offer up any type of fun articles. “Stage Whispers” may be a genuine short article as the contents don’t watch to it is in gibberish. I was curious to view if Spanish Daze (sp?) to be a genuine film, but a Google search surrendered no results.



That night at dinner, Ward and June perform and honesty assessment v Wally and Beaver. The is a hilarious scene. Once questioned around the plot, Wally offers the many generic answer the the title character “has adventures”. June questions a very certain scene in the movie and also Wally argues the guys were up obtaining popcorn throughout that part. Beaver to know something is up and chuckles nervously throughout the food of the conversation. Beaver tries to lie his method out of the jam by saying he missed lot of the movie together a large man to be sitting in front of him. Once asked outright about being at The globe Theater, Wally makes one last hail mar play and suggests the Valencia theatre ran the end of popcorn, making crucial for the boys to visit The Globe…. Ward’s shaking head makes recognized the ruse is over and also the boys room busted. This masterfully written scene is one of my favorite of the entire series. It is so fine written and also acted and truly other one can have intended to transpire roughly his or her own dinner table together a youth. The boys try to reference Eddie for their own misdeeds, but Ward will have none of it. He renders clear that Wally knew he was doing something wrong and deliberately disobeyed.

Upstairs, the boys express your dislike of Eddie. Wally says he would certainly not like him at every if they were not finest friends. Beaver confirms he fixed Eddie good by place a voodoo curse ~ above him. Below we see a Raggedy Andy doll stuck with two pins. Come make details it to be Eddie who received the voodoo magic, a item of tape bearing the cursed’s surname is place across the doll’s forehead. This would have actually likely been conveniently forgotten must Wally and also Beaver find out the following day that Eddie was absent from school. Beaver is worried he go in fact carry illness upon Eddie via a curse. Wally assures him there is no such thing as a voodoo curse and in funny little adds Beaver would need to be a actual witch medical professional for it come work.

Ann Doran and also Karl Swenson

Eddie’s sick ways have him laying in bed moaning and also groaning. We watch Eddie’s parental looking over their sick boy through concern. Mr. Haskell to be played by karl Swenson. This was one of two LITB appearances for him. His to chat career began in radio and also he later on made the move to movies and also television. His job was long with too countless credits come list. A secure recurring function would no come until his final years as soon as he played Lars Hanson top top the collection Little house On The Prairie. He passed away in 1978, Eddie’s mommy was play by Ann Doran. She too had actually a really long resume the movies and television shows. The only two recurring roles noted on IMDB were for Longstreet and National Velvet. A notable starring film role was 1938’s “Rio Grande”. Ann Doran died in 2000.


Beaver’s problem for a person he dislikes urges him to salary a visit come Eddie. ~ above entering the room, it is made recognized that Eddie is in fine health. The brags around his condition faking abilities together a method to prevent going to school. Beaver share he put a voodoo curse on Eddie because he doesn’t like, and in a funny bit adds he didn’t desire him to die. He goes on come share through Eddie the nobody likes him. After Beaver leaves, some psychosis hits Eddie and he soon finds himself enduring the pains of the voodoo curse.

That night, George Haskell come at the Cleaver home angry the his child was cursed. While that does seem silly the a grown man would arrive upset over such, a parent’s love and also concern can cause questionable actions at times. The fact that Eddie is together a scheming kid shows he might be quite spoiled and used to constantly getting his way. Mr. Haskell’s actions execute represent the actions of a spoiled kid’s father. During the conversation, Mr. Haskell describes Beaver as “Gopher” and I have constantly chuckled in ~ that. The hilarity proceeds as June defends Beaver together a sweet boy who also likes Eddie.

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Soon all is fine again together June speak to Eddie’s mother and learns he is earlier on his feet and well again. Ward had actually Beaver go over to visit Eddie again and remove the curse put on him. Upstairs, the boys space again to plan to walk to the movies. Eddie when again wants to go view a forbidden title. Wally says no and even says Eddie is such a miserable creep due to the fact that he never listens come his parents. Wally and Beaver won’t be swayed again and also leave for the Valencia to view Pinocchio. I uncovered it sort of strange the they left your own home with Eddie remaining behind. It functions for the scene together a few seconds later, together Eddie pipeline the Cleaver home, he share he too will it is in going to watch Pinocchio as that is what his parents would certainly like. I constantly enjoyed this flashes the decency showed by Eddie, courtesy the the Cleaver guys influence. However, we must realize these were exceptions come the norm. There would be lot of of more scheming and con-jobs ran through Eddie in the seasons to follow. Also on “The brand-new Leave It come Beaver/Still The Beaver”, Eddie was a cheating louse right into adulthood. We love the character because that his replicate so his low down ways served the show well.

Thank you because that reviewing “Voodoo Magic” with me. Together always, your own thoughts and observations are many welcome! please share lock in the comment section. Next week, we will evaluation “Part-Time Genius”. Check out you then!