You might not think that Leave It come Beaver as a financial program, but it sort of was. If CNBC were ever before looking for programming to go along with shows prefer Mad Money or Squawk Box, Leave It to Beaver would virtually fit right in.

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Because in the midst of all the plotlines about arguments through friends, struggling in ~ school and also family dynamics, there to be an awful lot of episodes that focused on money.

It was a sitcom v a love of gold, yet it was also about gold.

For instance, some of the financial-heavy plotlines include:

Beaver’s girlfriend Larry steals some money native his mom.Beaver and Larry lose some of your class’s money.Beaver supplies money that he was going come buy a birthday gift because that Wally, to instead buy self a bow-and-arrow set.Beaver loses money the his father provided him for a haircut.Beaver wins a $3,500 sports auto in a raffle -- and is called by his parents that the vehicle needs to be sold and the money put in his financial institution account.Wally go on a date, which entails Ward loan his son money, and also then Wally pipeline his wallet home.Eddie Haskell moves into his very own apartment and discovers the joys of being alone and also broke.Beaver it s okay a project as a caddy -- and faces a thorny ethical trouble when the spots a golfer cheating to victory a $500 bet.

You acquire the idea.

As the saying goes, money renders the human being go round, i beg your pardon may describe why finances come up so regularly in Leave it come Beaver. The series was, ~ all, a series of lessons about life.

And in ~ those life great were often a most discussions around money. Therefore what can financial lessons can we find out from the Ward Cleaver (the dad), June Cleaver (the mom) and their 2 sons, Wally and also Beaver? much more than you could think. Ns not suggesting that any kind of of these lessons -- i m sorry I"ve pulled from several of the first season"s illustration -- are groundbreaking piece of insight that will certainly make her jaw drop.

They aren"t. Yet Leave It to Beaver had actually a profound means of reminding us that if we can acquire the financial basics down, we"ll have actually a much much better life overall.

Today"s "TV Lesson" Breakdown:Wally Cleaver (Tony Dow) and also Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver (Jerry Mathers). No of the actors ever won one Emmy -- no one did the actors who played your parents -- yet they have to have. Leave It to Beaver still holds up today. Aided by some excellent directors and writers, castle were every doing something right.

If you desire to buy something you can not afford, get a job

That’s a message that comes up a many in Leave It come Beaver. The kids of Ward and June Cleaver nothing seem to desire for much, but they certainly aren’t handed whatever they ask because that either. Throughout the food of the series, i beg your pardon aired from 1957 to 1963, Wally and also Beaver finish up, amongst other things, scrape increase money by acquisition on a file route and housesitting. Wally gets a job as a lifeguard. Beaver has the aforementioned caddy position.

As Ward tells his children in “The document Route,” once he remained in college, he wanted a car, and so he obtained a job and earned the money come buy one.

Work is, well, a most work.

Yeah, certain we all understand that, however as a kid, you have to uncover that on her own. In “The paper Route,” Beaver makes an observation to Wally:

“You know, working isn"t as lot fun together I believed it would certainly be. Ns wonder why older people do the so much?”

“They have actually to,” Wally says. “If they had fun choose kids, human being would say they to be silly.”

Ah, yes. That’s why us all work. We’re afraid of being dubbed “silly.” Still, if you think of how often human being fear what other people might think of lock (that totality "what will the next-door neighbors think" mindset), there might be some truth to that, too.

Saving money is a good habit to get into

In the episode, “The bank Account,” Ward buys his sons the gift of a piggy bank – and also Wally and Beaver look together delighted together if he had told castle they were going to spend the afternoon at the DMV.

“Your father believed you boys can start saving your dimes and quarters in it,” June says.

“I thought it was around time you guys learned about thrift. Currently you feed this pig every day, and also you"ll it is in surprised exactly how fat that grows,” Ward says.

June put in a quarter, and Ward, a fifty percent dollar, to begin their young off. After being motivated to add money to the boys’ piggy bank, Wally really reluctantly to add a few dimes.

Beaver has five cents yet was walk to offer to Larry Mondello for a horse tooth. The does sound a bargain, yet with Wally"s urging, Beaver adds his nickel come the piggy bank.

But providing his boys a piggy financial institution was a smart, successful parenting tactic ~ above Ward’s part. Months later, Wally and Beaver have actually over $30. Wally desires to to buy a catcher"s mitt because that $8, and Beaver, a fielder"s mitt that will certainly run castle $5.98.

Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont) and June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley) in the episode, "The bank Account." prior to Leave It come Beaver, Beaumont and also Billingsley weren"t family names but landing parts throughout the 1940s and also 1950s. In 1957, top top the anthology TV collection Studio 57, Billingsley and Jerry Mathers (but not Tony Dow or Beaumont) starred in an episode called, "It"s a tiny World," i m sorry would finish up serving as a pilot for Leave It come Beaver. Interesting tidbits: The original actor that played Wally in "It"s a small World" didn"t get to it is in in Leave It come Beaver due to a growth spurt, and also Beaumont played another character in another episode the Studio 57 in 1954.

Just due to the fact that you have money, that doesn’t mean you must spend it

When Ward Cleaver learns the his sons intend to buy a catcher’s mitt and a fielder’s mitt, he’s disappointed. ~ all, the boys already have perfectly great mitts – though Beaver’s is starting to get worn, and also Wally doesn’t own a catcher’s mitt yet one for an initial base. Wally, meanwhile, desires to play catcher, and also he thinks he"ll look at silly v a mitt meant for first base.

“Well, now, look boys… uh, it’s your money," Ward says. "You conserved it, and I’m not going to shot and tell you what girlfriend ought to execute with it.”

Still, Ward make the efforts to impart the idea that just due to the fact that you have a wad that cash, yes sir no have to spend that as shortly as it’s conserved up. The tries to usage himself as an instance of someone who might buy new stuff yet doesn"t.

“I"m going hunting this following Saturday through Mr. Dennison. And I"d prefer to have actually a new hunting jacket. My old one"s 6 or seven years old. But I"m no going to walk out and buy a new one,” Ward says.

Instead, he thinks the boys must put the money in the bank.

It’s far better to offer than receive

Well, Wally and also the Beaver end up deciding that rather of putting in their tough earned money in the bank, they’ll buy their dad a searching jacket – and also any staying revenue can enter their savings account. Castle sneak out of school throughout lunch and visit an high value sporting goods store, but the hunting jacket the they desire to gain for your father costs much more than castle have. For this reason they go to your bank and also take out much more money from your savings account, for this reason they have the right to buy it a surprise gift.

Naturally, the parents discover that their youngsters snuck out of school and took money the end of the bank, instead of placing money in. Ward is quite irked, despite he never gets also angry on Leave It come Beaver. In any type of case, when he discovers what the boys have actually done, that they bought that an high-quality gift through their own money, he naturally feels foolish because that doubting his sons and being uncomfortable – yet he also feels like a million bucks. Wally and also Beaver look choose they feel pretty good, too.

When Ward Cleaver learns the his boys invested money ~ above a gift for him, and it wasn"t also a distinct occasion like his birthday, that is visibly touched. It"s simple to not think that Leave It come Beaver as a present with good acting -- it"s to be on TV forever and also easy to take it because that granted -- but the collection really might make little family moments very an effective and dramatic.

You can raise money quickly, if you"re in a jam.

In the episode, “The damaged Window,” Wally and also Beaver by chance break their parents’ auto window, which was in the garage. Their parents are out that the house for the day, security time v their real estate agent, looking at lots, just in case they would want to move somewhere else.

Wally and also Beaver don’t want to tell your parents about the broken window – that the 2nd window in ~ a week that they’ve destroyed. So they venture to raise money to acquire the home window replaced before their parental come home. They nothing succeed, and also ultimately will end up paying because that the home window out of your allowances, but they perform come up through $6.35 pretty quickly (unfortunately, they need $16 to obtain the window fixed… 1950s price sound for this reason wonderful, however of course, a 1950s value was much smaller earlier then).

Wally and also Beaver raid your piggy bank, the one they obtained several episodes earlier, to obtain some of the $6, yet they also recycle bottles with the grocer, and they go to a junk dealer named Fats who will give them $1.18 because that the junk in their wagon, if they throw in the wagon.

The Beaver and Wally look at at their parents" vehicle window, which is broken. Beaver had argued that Wally must throw the a pitch -- never ever mind them being close to the home -- because he never ever hits anything anyway. Unsure what to do, they speak to Wally"s friend, Eddie Haskell because that advice. Eddie"s suggestion? Roll under the window, so you can"t view the broken glass.

Ask questions before going right into debt

While Wally and the Beaver try to advanced money to settle their parents" damaged window, Ward and also June drive in the countryside through their genuine estate agent, Willis Cornelius, who they speak to Corny. Yet Ward and June recognize that they’re not really sure why lock looking in ~ homes, most of them the they can not afford.

And then Corny supplies up this gem: “Well, I constantly say a person never to know what he have the right to afford till he goes into debt. That"s the way to find out your financial capacity.”

He has actually a point. Ns feel like that"s quite much how I controlled money in mine 20s. I uncovered how lot I might afford, ~ buying ingredient that ns would concerned realize ns couldn"t afford.

Corny"s advice, that course, is corny, and also well stupid, but likewise accurate for a many people. Ward starts to tell his genuine estate agent what he think of the advice, prior to June gently cuts him off.

Know what a project is worth to you

In the illustration “Child Care,” this comes up twice, in subtle ways. Ward learns the Wally and also Beaver arrangement to go to the fire station soon, to aid old Pete polish a fire truck.

Good naturedly, Ward says to June, “I try to acquire them to wash the car, and they"ll fee me a dollar. However they"ll polish a fire truck for nothing.”

Beaver wisely says: “Dad, you gain a fire engine, we"ll polishing it.”

Near the end of this "Child Care" episode, Wally and Beaver acquire a task offer. Lock spent most of the episode babysitting (probably because that free) a little girl nicknamed Puddin, that is a genuine handful (she locks it s her in a bathroom, and Wally and Beaver finish up having to call old Pete because that help). But nonetheless, Puddin’s parents space thrilled come have found good, top quality babysitters (which Wally and also Beaver are), and also they sell them 50 cent an hour to babysit her.

It no clear if the guys would have to split the 50 cents an hour or not, yet either way, they decline. Some work simply aren"t precious the money.

According to, Gabrielle des Enfants to be born ~ above September 4, 1953 in Los Angeles, California, USA together Gabrielle Desenfants. She is one actress, known for Tales of Wells Fargo (1957), Wagon Train (1957) and Leave It to Beaver (1957). And that"s about all there appears to be about her ~ above the internet. Yet in the "Child Care" illustration of Leave It come Beaver, des Enfants walk a masterful task of play every babysitter"s nightmare. She locks it s her in the bathroom, and amongst other things, throws stuff right into the bathtub and transforms on the sink and also creates a flood.

When girlfriend teach her kids about money, have some faith that the lessons room sticking

This come up a lot of in Leave It to Beaver. Ward presume the worst as soon as he learns the his guys left school in the middle of the day and also took money the end of the financial institution – though you can hardly blame him in that instance.

But, boy, things really blow up in Ward and June’s encounters in “The paper Route.” They uncover some newspapers in the garage on a Saturday, and also not gift able to discover the boys, assume that they are off playing and also have forgotten all around the record route.

Hardly. They room at the newspaper offices, asking part questions and also taking their jobs very seriously.

Not being able to text their sons, Ward and also June drive around the neighborhood, transporting the newspapers.

Well, they space old newspapers, printed several job earlier. The file always offers Wally and also Beaver extra papers, which castle are claimed to later on return to your boss.

Anyway, long story made much shorter – many thanks to your parents well-intended interfering, Wally and also Beaver wind up being fired from their jobs. Customers, you see, began complaining that they to be receiving outdated newspapers.

Every school should have a "bank day"

One thing that surprised me when watching “The bank Account” is that Wally and Beaver’s school had actually something dubbed “bank day,” and so i thought, “Well, either this is some Hollywood invention, or miscellaneous that offered to it is in done and fell out of favor.”

But, no, ~ a rapid tour with some search engines, I uncovered that institutions still carry out it, a fact that you may well be mindful of. But my daughters’ high school never did, alas, no one did mine high institution in mine hometown, at the very least not the I"m aware of.

Schools having bank days have been a thing since 1885, as soon as it started in new York, copying a trend that began in Europe. Schools companion with banks, where youngsters are motivated to open up up accounts and deposit money right into savings accounts on “bank day.”

If she fired, you have the right to quickly end up being hired

After inadvertently obtaining the kids fired, Ward manages to gain his sons rehired in ~ the paper, but they aren’t interested. They currently have work lined up at the supermarket, bagging groceries. The night before, castle had chose they i will not ~ be discouraged by your firings.

Wally: us can constantly get a new job.

Beaver: Yeah. I guess that"s a lot better than getting brand-new parents.

This to be the important financial and life class of leave It to Beaver

In "The financial institution Account," Beaver asks Wally why his dad didn’t just buy a new hunting jacket because that himself.

But Wally explains, “When she an older person, you can"t throw away her money ~ above things prefer this. You"ve gotta litter it away on food and furniture and also junk prefer that.”

Wally had actually a point, and also in a way, that was the article of the whole series, Leave It come Beaver. Being a grown up is hard work, however being a son is not. Or that shouldn"t be.

Children, meanwhile, must relish every minute of childhood, Leave It to Beaver suggests. Once you"re a kid, you have the right to go outside and play ball and also ride your bike -- or at least, you should have the ability to -- and you have the right to save money in a piggy bank, and if you conserve a lot, great, yet if girlfriend don"t, it isn"t a huge deal, because, if you"re lucky, her parents space going to it is in there for you and take great care of you. Truly, it"s a wonder the as kids we"re all in such a hurry to grow up.

Where towatchLeave It come Beaver(at the time of this writing): leaving It to Beaver (the entire series)and deserve to be discovered for complimentary on

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