Curse is the critical word in the Old Testament. The last part of the sentence gift ‘Lest ns come and smite the land through a curse.’ the last word does no convey, in the original the idea of the English indigenous ‘curse.’ If rather of the word ‘curse’ us were come substitute words ‘destruction,’ us should obtain the true idea that the passage.

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And the assumed is this, that here we have actually distinctly gathered up the whole spirit of millenniums that divine revelation, all of which declare this one thing, that as certainly as over there is a God, every transgression and also disobedience receives and must receive it’s simply recompense or reward.

That is the spirit that law, because that law has actually nothing come say, except, ‘Do this, and also thou shalt live; do not this, and also thou shalt die.’

And then revolve to the other. ‘The elegant of ours Lord Jesus Christ be through you all.’ elegant is loving that stoops. Grace is love that foregoes that is claims and also forgives sins versus itself. Grace is love that imparts and this elegant is a global gift. For this reason there seems to emerge and also there is a very far-reaching contrast. ‘I come and also smite the planet with a curse’ sounds strangely unequal ‘The grace of our mr Jesus Christ be through you all.’

In this generation there is a solid tendency come dwell upon the contrast and to exaggeration it and also to assert that the an ext recent has actually antiquated the much more ancient.

So an alert that in ~ this obvious contrast over there is a harmony and also that these 2 utterances are quite continual at the bottom and also must both be thought about if us would understand the entirety truth. Nowhere are there an ext tender utterances and also sweeter revelations the a divine mercy 보다 in that old law v its attendant prophets. Over there is nothing almost everywhere so devastating as Christ’s own words about what comes to sinful men. Is there any kind of depth the darkness in the Old testimony teaching the retribution fifty percent as deep, half as black, and also as terrible, together the gulf that Christ opens up at your feet and also mine?

And now, allow me questioning you come look in ~ another point the relationship of the grace to the punishment.

Is it no love which proclaims judgment? space not the indigenous of the very first text merciful, yet they wear a surface ar of threatening? ‘Lest ns come.’ climate He speaks that He might not come and also declares the worry of sin in order the that concern may never should be proficient by united state that listen to Him.

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.Do not think that God’s threatenings are wind and words. Perform not permit teachings that sap the an extremely foundations that morality and also eat all the power out that the Gospel sway you that the solemn words, ‘The spirit that sinneth the shall die,’ are not basic truth.