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first examine your weather every month (in video game time) when you see a twister coming have actually everyone evacuate a whole month b4 and also fire all your employees this have to make every human safe because that the Twister*Note the this go not protect your Dinosaurs or buildings but that does save the visitors and also employees and also avoids any complaints

To unlock website B you need to beat all of the missions, it"s coolbecause you make the dinosaurs and also watch them operation wild on her littleisland paradise.

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just push buttons when nothing is selected

Code:Effect:l1 best right L1 R1 Downgimme lots of moneyL1 R1 down L1 r1 downMarket Dayright L1 increase L1 L1 DownSeal the approval 1 star increaseL1 r1 down down L1 Right3 starsL1 Left increase Left increase L1No rampagesR1 up R1Right L1 downall dna 100%

when you space in the game press left, right, l1, r1, down,down and also you will shed all her money

Code:Effect:l,r,l1,r1,d,dyou will lose all her money

During the game, if you desire to shoot from the safari cars with the electronic came view, struggle R1 + L1 climate left, down, right, right.

To save a little money, develop a small enclosure around a hatchery. Once you flower a dinosaur, sedate it, and also move it come its cage.

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