The 3,000 sq. Ft. Museum, located within ours visitor center, will immerse you in the life of valley Miller. The museum exhibit is divided into numerous sections that help to phone call the fascinating story of Glenn’s rise to stardom, his company in human being War II, and also the affect his music has had actually through the decades. One of a kind artifacts and also rotating distinct exhibits make each trip a distinct experience. Click right here for museum photos.

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NEW: virtual tour that the valley Miller Birthplace Museum

Special thanks to chris Gardner,Kc Bigbandjazz, GMBS lifetime member, and video guru as well asDennis M. Spragg, glenn Miller Archives, ideal selling author, GMBS historian and guru that all things Glenn Miller because that collaborating ~ above this virtual tour. Click right here for video.



Juxtaposed come the glen Miller Museum lies the original birthplace house of the legendary band leader and also musician. On march 1, 1989, glen Miller’s daughter, Jonnie Dee Miller, purchase the residence where she father to be born 85 year earlier. The glenn Miller Birthplace culture manages the preservation, maintenance and also interpretation of the home. Click below for more information top top the valley Miller Birthplace Home, glen Miller Bio and family information.




The valley Miller Birthplace culture and Museum has much come offer. In addition to the glen Miller Birthplace and Glenn müller Museum locations, as well as the annual Glenn miller Festival in June, the GMBS offers plenty of special exhibits and events for history buffs and also Glenn miller fans!

Our brand-new special exhibits, "1940 Jukebox Saturday Night" and also "1941 keep 'Em Flying" are on screen in the Museum. Look for our digital exhibits coming soon.

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Special many thanks to Dennis Spragg, GMA Archives in Boulder, Colorado and GMBS historian, as well as Ed Polic, glen Miller historian and also author, for their job-related on this exhibits.