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Jake and also Lily"s different viewpoints ~ above the functions in their relationship may get readers thinking around their very own siblings and which pair they agree with more. Jake and Lily likewise explores spirituality themes, such together eternity and finding a purpose in life.

Each twin is unique and also takes a various path to finding out -- and that"s a fine thing. In addition, Poppy tries come instill in both his grandchildren the idea that they are all linked to everything: the stars, the earth, and each other.

Lily is impatient, short-tempered, and also she complains quite a bit, however she never provides up trying to discover a way to attend to what she views together Jake"s treason of their twin bond. Jake sees himself together a much more simple, straightforward thinker ("Boys don"t have feelings," he speak her) and sometimes even comes throughout as cruel. However he eventually realizes the he cares deeply around how his actions affect others. Both twins have their wise, patient, and also humorous grandpa to rely on.

Early on, Lily it s okay in a fight v a boy who wrecks her eye fort. Later, Jake interrupts a fight between two boys, and also Jake"s friend destroys a tree home that a young in the neighborhood is building.

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Parents require to understand that Jake and Lily gift a realistic see of pair struggling to create their own individual identities. Jake"s friend pretend to befriend a young so that they can make fun of the behind his back, and also later Jake"s friend takes the bullying come the following level by damaging the boy"s property. Lily encounters feeling exit by she twin and accepting the their partnership is changing, and also both twins invest time talking to their grandfather around how how daunting it was for that to expropriate his wife"s death.

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