Almond joy Bark is among the ideal sweet treats to grace my kitchen in the last 6 months. And also it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free and a breeze come make! 


The combo i can’t get enough of best now:

Chocolate. Almond. Coconut.

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I recognize what she thinking: Almond Joys and also I were produced each other. This days that can be true but up until around 2 years ago, ns was not a fan.

While I’ve always been a chocolate+almond fan, ns was always a coconut hater until about 2 years ago when I experienced the light. Currently the civilization is a much brighter, happier place. Exactly how on earth did I ever before live without it?

… but seriously. God’s gift to Leah-kind.


Also, on the actual genuine brand-name Almond pleasure front, yes sir that entirety baby being intolerant come dairy and also soy thing (so fun!) which keeps this gluten-free mama dairy-free and also soy-free as well, and consequently far, far away indigenous 99% of store bought goodies and processed foods.

Le sigh.

BUT, when have actually I ever before let that restrict me native indulging? ns mean, C’mon folks. Ns the queen of making it happen (in an allergen for sure way, that course) – sometimes it just way you have actually to acquire a little an imaginative to obtain your fix.



So, one evening as I was having my usual nightly “dessert” – a small dish filled to the brim through a mix of height 8 allergen-free dark coco chips, roasted almonds, and also toasted coconut flakes, which ns all too frequently spill everywhere the place since have you TRIED getting three tiny items into your mouth at the very same time through one hand, while holding really grabby baby in the other? Yeah. Doesn’t finish well – i thought: “there needs to be a better/easier method to acquire all these seasonings in my challenge at when without having to operation the vacuum ~ myself every.dang.night.”



The an enig to making this Almond joy Bark the best darn bark you’ve ever had? load IT UP.

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As you have the right to see, this bark is best when it’s therefore packed complete of the an excellent stuff – roasted, chopped almonds, coconut flakes and shredded coconut -that you have the right to barely even tell the there is cacao involved.

The other secret? Well-toasted almonds and coconut flakes/shreds. While I’ve been well-known to dive head very first into bags of life unsweetened coconut flakes and raw almonds, this bark is ideal when the toppings are perfectly golden brown and toasty. Yes, it requires one extra step and also a little extra time, however honestly, this “recipe” is all of three steps as the is, for this reason I’m pretty certain you can handle that