I recognize he's no related but theres this heated argument going top top in a fb group about what the answer is. I verified him the wiki article and explained that lower class sayains tend to watch alike yet he's not having none that that. Any kind of other proof?

Edit: I uncovered this http://www.kanzenshuu.com/rumor/characters/ confirmed it come him that should silence him.

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There is no relation various other than both gift members of the Saiyan race. Vegeta and Tarble space from the imperial Bloodline the King Vegeta (which defines their apperances). Goku and Raditz space from the bloodline of a third class warrior in Bardock. You'll an alert that Turles looks more like them since lower level Saiyans seem to share comparable traits, lot like athletes sharing similar traits (or we can chock it up to laziness).

Edit: originally said Turles to be Vegeta's brother... Fixed that, you choose the booze you shed kids.

Didn't Turles state he resembles Goku and Bardock due to the fact that his look at is common among Saiyans that were born in the reduced social status? the actually renders sense. They might be distantly related, however not closely.

Turles has actually been composed as a what if character. He is an alternate reality the goku had he no hit his head and became good. For this reason on one side no there is no relation and also on the other yes, their relation is they're one another

Turles isn't an alternative reality variation of goku though. The was originally intended come be, but wound up being a different character who shared similarities come Goku.

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In enhancement to the rumor overview entry you discovered on Kanzenshuu, this is what is mentioned around their comparable appearance in Daizenshuu 3

Their setting makes their faces the same?!

The Saiya-jin' figure is split into minimal types!! Furthermore, since they are elevated sorted into various classes, it seems that there are numerous instances of world in the same course having the exact same face!! The varieties of faces among the disposable lower-level warriors are an especially limited, and also Goku and also the movie character Tullece have actually the very same face and also voice!! possibly the face resemblance in between King Vegeta and Vegeta, and between Goku and Barduck, is not as result of just their lineage, but likewise related to their class?! Reference: the movie “Super Decisive fight for Earth”

So the Daizenshuu is basically saying the it's their social class and also the environment that course is raised in that plays a contributing variable in exactly how Saiya-jin physically look, and also that kids looking the same to among their parental is potentially just as much related come this variable as being their offspring does.