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Psalms 118:8 | NIV (1984) | other Versions | Context


I heard from many different pastors and also sources that Psalms is the central book the the Bible; Psalms 118 is the main chapter that the Bible; Psalms 118:8 is the main verse of the Bible. Now, I have to say the I’ve heard this piece of information from a number of pastors I very respect – even teachers of divinity themselves.

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However, if you ever do a suitable search v the internet, or carry out a manual count the the bible statistics yourself, you will certainly wonder how these world ever pertained to the conclusion the Psalms 118:8 is the main version that the Bible. I’m sure there’s a fascinating story behind this piece of inaccurate information, and if you do have actually an idea, please, call me and also enlighten me. Somewhere follow me history, teacher of the Bible began to preach that Psalms 118:8 is the middle verse that the Bible. Possibly it to be a Reverend that miscalculated, perhaps it was because they didn’t have calculators or computers earlier then, or perhaps it merely boils down to a distinction in translation/Bible variation issue.

It doesn’t matter. Even without the title of the central verse of the Bible, Psalms 118:8 chin is a verse to behold.

Going ago to the controversy… I’ve personally count the numbers myself numerous times in a desperate attempt to solve the secret behind 118:8. Ns checked against several various versions, ns tried adding in uncounted verses to no avail. No matter exactly how I willed myself come calculate, i couldn’t come at 118:8. If you are hesitant as ns was and wish to calculate these number yourself, good luck.

It is without a doubt this day that Psalms 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible. That is also undoubted this day that Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. Thus, it probably does make perfection ring prefer a bell and also dazzle prefer a star if the center chapter the the scriptures is sandwiched between the longest and the shortest chapters the the Bible: Psalms 118.

I need to admit that as a sucker because that nice numbers, i was really, really, really hoping the 118 is the middle chapter of the Bible. Nonetheless, count the chapters, with 594 chapters before and after is Psalms 117, no Psalms 118. What a bummer! Psalms 117 gets every the accolades. The shortest chapter of the Bible and also the middle chapter the the Bible. There space 31, 102 verses in the scriptures (in most versions I would certainly say), and if you counting the phantom city in 3 john 1:15 (only existing in part versions), climate there would certainly be one odd number and we deserve to arrive in ~ the center verse the the scriptures in Psalms 103:2. If you pick to count the middle verse that the holy bible through the middle verse that the middle chapter, it would certainly be in between Psalms 117:1-2 (since 117 only has 2 verses).

Going ago to Psalms 118, if I deserve to empathize why 118 deserve to be mistaken together the middle chapter that the holy bible (it is, after all, only one quick of the actual middle chapter, and 117 is so short that numerous tend come overlook it); the is open minded illogical to me the the eighth verse of Psalms 118 would be considered the center. There room 29 verses in Psalms 118 – that would certainly make the middle verse Psalms 118:15 (Shouts that joy and victory resound in the tents the the righteous: “The Lord’s right hand has actually done mighty things!) If you counting by the total variety of verses in the Bible, climate Psalms 118 is way too far off the actual center (Psalms 103:1-2) because that me to be convinced. The only method I see that is possible to come at 118:8 is to cut the 29 verses into fifty percent (middle = 118:15), and also take the middle of that middle (15) – that would be 8. This is nice screwed up, and you have the right to see exactly how much ns pondered end this. I most likely thought as well much.

Of course, if you add 594 (number of chapters prior to the middle chapter the the Bible, the 595th) and 594 (number that chapters after ~ the middle chapter of the Bible, the 595th), you will gain 1188 chapters (there room a full of 1189 chapters, including the 595th middle chapter). Now, 1188, 1188, 118:8… kinda lame, I’m sorry, yet still a beautiful occurrence, a beautiful ‘non-coincidence’ (if 118 yes, really is the middle chapter). Ns wonder who believed these points up. Psalms is the only publication in the holy bible to happen the threshold of 100 chapters, and also hence, as soon as you speak 118:8, you have the right to only refer to Psalms 118:8.


Let’s leave the numbers aside and focus top top the city itself. All these year it has been burdened v unnecessary controversy, but it actually has a many depth even without the title of the ‘Central verse of the Bible’. The main suggest in this verse is really around God’s faithfulness – since God is faithful, and also he will never leave you no one forsake you (Deu 31:6/31:8) – thus we have the right to depend ~ above God. Here, God’s loyalty is contrasted versus man’s fickleness (James 1:8). While we have the right to scarcely rely on man, us can constantly depend on God. That is termed ‘better’ for us to take refuge in the Lord 보다 to trust in man. The hatchet ‘better’ is simple, and also usually connotes higher in quality, more suitable, an ext advantageous, an ext desirable.

Psalms 118:8 is intrinsically linked with Psalms 118:9 – It is far better to take refuge in the Lord than to to trust in princes. It’s basically the exact same as 118:8, a repetition of emphasis, and also the highest of titles provided to the hatchet ‘man‘, yet still inferior to the faithfulness of our Lord.

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Perhaps the man modern people trust many today space ourselves. We need to remember that we, too, space inferior together humans. We too room fickle and lack the faithfulness the God can provide us together our refuge. Us can’t be our own refuge. We can’t it is in our own reprieve. Why need to we, as soon as God is better? Why have to we count on the likes the man, even princes, when God is better?


No issue whether you pick to buy into the heritage of the middle verse that cases Psalms 118:8 together the main verse the the Bible, or even if it is you think that ridiculous and also inaccurate – the doesn’t matter. Psalms 118:8 is still a verse on its own, and also scrapped come its barest, without all the controversy and also the titles, tells us a blog post that we mustn’t ignore. Who is your reprieve, today? wherein does your refuge lie at?

Bettering yourself is no a must. It’s just another option in life. It’s just a choice.