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uncover solids, liquids, and also gases. Every little thing is matter, in one of two people a solid, liquid, or gas state. All issue occupies space, has mass, and also consists the atoms. Solids have hard surfaces and also differ in how their molecules space arranged. Liquids room smooth and also wet, flow, and also take the form of your container. Gases move, don’t stick together, and also have no shape.

uncover examples. With a little group, brainstorm typical examples of the three states of matter: metal, rock, and ice are solids; raindrops, honey, and also milk room liquids; steam, warm air, and tennis2007.orgpressed air are gases.

architecture a mobile. Work together to develop models the the three states of matter using colored model Magic. Firmly press a paperclip right into the height of each. Air-dry overnight.

with Scissors, cut a cardboard roll right into one long and three quick sections. Cut construction record to covering the rolls. Connect it v institution Glue. Air-dry the rolls.

brand the three short sections—solid, liquid, gaseous—with a Washable Marker. Label the longer roll, too. Include information about matter if you wish. Tie your models to the correct brief cardboard rolls v string or yarn. Tie the three section


Students conference information about the three says of matter. students classify, distinguish, and also differentiate between states the matter. Students construct models and construct a mobile to stand for the three different species of


produce sequential models of issue that transforms states. Because that example: liquid egg to solid egg or fluid plastic to difficult molded plastic. student with handicap may benefit from gathering real instances of each kind of matter and also making replicas of this items. do a chart reflecting the various examples supplied by teams to do their mobiles.

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