Picking the ideal firewood for your application is important and also understanding the different varieties of wood will aid you obtain the many out of her Higgins Firewood purchase. This time of year, the main firewood use is because that fireplace and also heating.

There space two types of wood: hard and also soft. Hardwood is the best choice for her fire as it burns hotter and also longer than soft. Typical hard firewood includes oak, pecan, hickory, pinion and mesquite. Soft wood originates from conifer tree such together fir and cedar which is an excellent for kindling due to the fact that it burns quickly.

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Regardless the the kind of hardwood selected, it’s essential that your firewood is “seasoned” so that the moisture content remaining within each log in is below 20% so that it will burn much longer with also heat, much less smoke and also a minimum snapping and also popping which can project embers far from the wood developing a fire hazard.

You can tell if firewood is jug by banging two logs together. If you hear a hollow sound it’s seasoned. If rather you obtain a dull thud, there’s still too much moisture in ~ the logs. The surface of seasoned timber is usually a lighter gray color and also can have internal cracks. Wet wood has a darker color and also no cracks.

So, what kind of lumber is ideal for you:

Seasoned Oak – jug oak is the go-to hardwood for many fireplace applications. It burns hot and generates high quality hot coals for long-lasting fires the generate even heat. It’s good for the fireplace or fire pit.

Pecan – Pecan is one more all-around great performer for heater with comparable burning features as oak but with the advantage of pleasantly aromatic smoke the is good for smoking meat poultry and fish. Incorporate it v some mesquite in her smoker for an impressive taste. In your fireplace, the will store you warm and smell great. 

Hickory – A favorite for smoking wood together it will include its unique flavor to your base wood, hickory additionally work fine in the fireplace, generating similar amounts of warmth per log together oak and pecan. It’s energy content has actually been contrasted to anthracite coal an interpretation it will keep you warm for a lengthy time.

Pinion – if technically a soft wood, pinion is relatively quite hard and also dense with numerous hardwood properties and an amazing aroma. It’s fantastic choice for her chiminea together it will keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Include it come your continuous fireplace timber to lug the fragrance of a pine forest into her living room.

Mesquite – This lumber is normally dry so it doesn’t call for seasoning like other hardwoods. It burns warm like oak but with minimal popping therefore it’s much safer to burn in a fire overnight. The distinctive fragrance from burn mesquite is a an essential ingredient in numerous smoked meats.

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A small can go a long method to offer you exactly the taste you desire from her barbecue.