Stephanie Meyer is the human responsible for bringing the people vampire romance collection Twilight.

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Marissa Mayer (spelled with an \"A\")Is the existing President and also CEO that Yahoo. She\"s a Stanford graduate who came to be the first female technician at Google, and is a bit of a genius.


She remained in charge of Google\"s search properties and user endure for number of years, before turning her talent come location-related assets like Google Map.

She then moved to rivals Yahoo in 2012 and is in the process of trying to revolve the company\"s fortunes around.

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This isn\"t the right person. The concern is concerning Marissa Meyer (with an e), who is a writer of YA fiction.

Penelope Snodgrass commented
Exactly.Also it\"s StephEnie Meyer, dummy.

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Yvonne Rodriguez reply

The trouble is the the book designs resemble the Twilight collection books design and also the reality that they have actually the exact same last night doesnt lull the mind.

Maybe the same person who draft the Twilight Saga collection is the same human who draft the Cinder Series?

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They just have virtually the exact same last name.

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