Morticia, the Matchmaker

Cousin Melancholia stops by the Addams residence search a location to stay to get herself earlier together after she fiancee leaves her to join the foreign Legion. To assist cheer she up, Morticia plays matchmaker and also decides to try fixing she up with an eligable bachelor.

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certification Vicki Lawrence together Thelma "Mama" Harper and also spun turn off from "The Carol Burnett Show," "Mama"s Family" revolves roughly the weird misadventures that the Harper family. Constantly at the facility of the trouble and confusion is the dysfunctional family"s matriarch, Mama—a quick-tempered, sharp-tongued 65-year-old widow. Regardless of her abrasive and wisecracking ways, Mama"s heat heart is noticeable in she dealings v eccentric household members, that are frequently in require of a roof over their heads or just a little tough love.
"The possibility of winning hundreds of dollars top top a game show excites every in the family other than Mama. Promise to usage their share of the winnings to buy their very own home, Vint and Naomi to convince Mama to participate. Regrettably for Mama, the Harpers lose."
"With Vint out at a bachelor party the night prior to his wedding, the ladies have the residence to themselves. As soon as Naomi starts a rumor the Ellen"s husband is having actually an affair through his secretary, the party begins to deteriorate."



Ep : Vint and the youngsters Move In

Mama reluctantly agrees to let her son, Vint, and also his two kids move in after they are evicted from their apartment. This creates troubles for Fran, and she ultimately threatens to move out. repeat Me

Ep : For much better of because that Worse

after Naomi safety the night in the basement with Vint, Mama do the efforts to break up the relationship. However the two decide to gain married instead and plan to have actually the awareness in the Harper home. repeat Me

Ep : The Wedding: component 1

through Vint out at a bachelor party the night prior to his wedding, the ladies have the house to themselves. They space all having actually a good time until Naomi starts a rumor that Ellen"s husband is having an affair with his secretary. remind Me

Ep : The Wedding: part 2

having actually survived Vint and also Naomi"s wedding, Mama"s tranquility is disturbed once the married pair return, announcing that they"ve to be swindled the end of their real estate investment and also need to move earlier in. repeat Me

Ep : family members Feud

Vint and Naomi convince Mama to get involved in a television video game show, promise to use any winnings ~ above a house downpayment. remind Me

Ep : cell Mates

when the family members goes the end to celebrate Eunice"s birthday, a fight between Mama and Eunice ends through both of them getting arrested. remind Me

Ep : Mama it s okay a Job

Despondent and feeling old and also useless, Mama takes Naomi"s advice and also gets a task at a travel agency. remind Me

Ep : double Standard

Sonia becomes upset as soon as she discovers the Vint is enabling Buzz to say out later on than her on the night of the homecoming dance because he is a boy. remind Me

Ep : Mama"s Boyfriend

as soon as Mama and also old fire Woody Miller decide to invest a romantic weekend in ~ a lakeside cabin, Aunt Fran is left in fee of the household. repeat Me

Ep : Fran"s Dress

when Mama coincidentally burns a hole in the dress Fran is planning to wear the evening, she and also Ellen rush out to a department keep with hopes of replacing the garment. remind Me

Ep : alien Marriage

Vint schemes to do money through pretending to be married to a girl native Portugal in need of a green card—until Mama captures wind the the plan. repeat Me

Ep : hopeful Thinking

after ~ listening to tapes on positive thinking, Eunice i do not care a adjusted woman, also securing a component in a play. However when the director cuts every one of her lines, she starts to feeling her old nature creeping back. repeat Me

Ep : Mama"s Silver

once Vint"s troublemaking girlfriend is thrown in jail, the hocks Mama"s silver- to bail his friend out. But when Mama discovers this, Vint end up ~ above the streets. repeat Me

Ep : Flaming Forties

While help the youngsters settle ~ above a layout for their college dance, Mama i do not care nostalgic together she looks v her old apparel from the "40s. Deciding to walk punk rather than nostalgic, the college committee to plan to market off Mama"s old apparel to advanced money. repeat Me

Ep : The Return the Leonard Oates

functioning at the cash it is registered of Food Circus, Naomi is challenged by her 2nd husband, Len Oates. Len is wealthy and also determined to success his ex-wife back. repeat Me

Ep : nation Club

Ellen"s news the she"s been named "Woman that the Year" by the Raytown country Club doesn"t interest the family until they all get invitations to the awards dinner. When there, the Harpers end up disrupting the formal affair. repeat Me

Ep : Naomi and also the Stork

once Naomi announces she might be pregnant, she and Vint, living in the basement, request a room upstairs. It"s not long prior to the family is fighting end which room the couple will get. repeat Me

Ep : Rashomama

once Mama is hospitalized after ~ a jam-making accident, Vint make the efforts to identify what really happened by listening come Naomi, Ellen and also Eunice"s account that the incident. repeat Me

Ep : venomous Call

Naomi feels she privacy has been attacked when she begins receiving obscene phone calls. Transforming to the family for support, she is angered as soon as they indicate that the method she tote herself has actually led come the calls. remind Me

Ep : Ellen"s Boyfriend

Ellen"s make the efforts to store her partnership with a younger man mystery fail when the household stumbles upon the pair in a restaurant. repeat Me

Ep : Aunt Gert Rides Again

after visiting Gert in the nursing house on her birthday, Mama expresses shock at just how much her aunt has slowed down. She decides come return later on to revitalize Gert v a wild party. remind Me

Ep : Amateur Night

after ~ Vint wins a talent contest, he transforms his surname to "Vinnie Vegas" and sets his sights on coming to be an entertainer. remind Me

Ep : Mama Who concerned Dinner

Naomi talks Mama into letting her usage the residence for a dinner party, but when Mama suffers a earlier spasm the occasion is jeopardized. remind Me

Ep : Mama Learns come Drive

Fed up with having actually to chauffeur Mama all over town, the family members decides to teach her to drive. Yet when Mama finally gets she license, the household is also afraid to let her use their cars! repeat Me

Ep : Blackbelt Mama

After gift mugged while waiting for a bus, Mama decides to join Naomi, Fran and also Sonia in a self-defense class. remind Me

Ep : Mama Buys a Car

despite she has her driver"s license, Mama is frustrated since she doesn"t have a car. A visit come the dealership of one oily used car salesman lands her behind the wheel of the "perfect" car. repeat Me

Ep : Supermarket Mama

when Mama becomes a consultant at the Food Circus, Naomi feels incompetent and also pressures her to quit. repeat Me

Ep : No Room at the Inn

top top their an initial wedding anniversary, Vint plans to take Naomi come the hike Hearts Hotel because that the honeymoon they never ever had. The is, till Mama shows up. repeat Me

Ep : Mama for Mayor: part 1

Mama attracts media attention as soon as she has actually a confrontation through Mayor Tutwiller at a push conference. Fed up through his unpopular policies, Mama declares her candidacy. remind Me

Ep : Mama for Mayor: part 2

Upon taking office together mayor, Mama begins to lose manage of the town. Faced with a contact for her resignation, Mama transforms to the former mayor for help. repeat Me

Ep : Harper matches Harper

Naomi"s feud v Mama floor the 2 in court when Mama division Naomi"s vacuum cleaner. The judge has actually an difficult time keeping order and holds both next in contempt. remind Me

Ep : Mama"s Birthday

The family members can"t recognize why Mama dislikes celebrating her birthday. Helping she clean out the attic later that day, Buzz ultimately pries the story out of her. repeat Me

Ep : Mama Cries Uncle

The sudden appearance that Carl"s nomadic brother, Roy, excites everyone yet Mama. Back she appears upset the Roy is well-known with the rest of the family, she ultimately admits her affection for him. remind Me

Ep : to ~ Aunt Fran

Aunt Fran is temporarily offered the responsibility of creating an advice tower in the neighborhood newspaper. Unfortunately, she doesn"t have any an excellent advice and comes to depend on Mama to it is provided material. remind Me

Ep : A tomb Mistake

Mama discovers her husband"s been buried in the not correct spot and also that she"s been visiting an additional man"s grave. Anxious over the mistake, she refuses come visit again till she receive a authorize that the forgives her. remind Me

Ep : Farewell, Frannie

once Fran dies, Mama is set on offering her sister the perfect sendoff. repeat Me

Ep : whereby There"s a Will

Mama has to keep she temper under manage for 2 weeks if she wants to collect on Fran"s will. remind Me

Ep : finest Medicine

A feud between Mama and also Ellen rages—until she learns Ellen is in the hospital. remind Me

Ep : Mama and Dr. Brothers

Dr. Joyce Brothers helps Naomi as soon as she demands advice around sex. remind Me

Ep : The Love Letter

A love letter meant for Naomi incorrectly ends increase in the hands of both Mama and also Iola, causing complications for all. remind Me

Ep : an Ill Wind

A tornado on Thanksgiving work traps the Harper family, Iola and also Effie in the basement. remind Me

Ep : stealing One, Pearl Two

every fingers suggest to Bubba as soon as Iola"s pearl necklace is stolen. remind Me

Ep : where There"s Smoke

Mama is running for chairman of the Church females League, but things walk terribly wrong once Bubba harbors a buddy—who"s escaped from revolutionary school—in his room. repeat Me

Ep : no hope Seeking Anyone

The day whom Mama and Naomi find for Iola is an ext interested in Mama. remind Me

Ep : that Takes 2 to Watusi

Naomi"s divorce friend, Luann, falls for Bubba when he"s a stand-in for a remote date. remind Me

Ep : The ideal Policy

~ Naomi takes the end a huge life insurance plan on Vint, Mama and Iola think Naomi is trying to kill Vint because that insurance money as soon as he sick a collection of household accidents. repeat Me

Ep : ~ the Fall

after ~ Aunt Effie drops off the roof, she is stuck in a trance-like state. repeat Me

Ep : Educating Mama

when Bubba enrolls in night school, the family convinces Mama to sign up with him and earn her high school equivalency diploma. remind Me

Ep : Zirconias space a Girl"s best Friend

once Mama i do not care hooked on television shopping, the family tries to rid her of the addiction with a hysterical type of aversion therapy. repeat Me

Ep : The crucial to the Crime

as soon as Vint is accused of being a serial burglar ~ a break-in at the Harper house, Mama and Iola collection out come prove his innocence and also catch the genuine criminal. remind Me

Ep : break Up Is hard to Do

Finances not only cause Vint and also Naomi come separate—but likewise force lock to stay living at residence with Mama. remind Me

Ep : A big Hand for Mama

when Mama is virtually struck by lightning and nearly loses she life, she feels "reborn." The Harper family members takes full benefit of her brand-new attitude, however whether they deserve to handle the or not stays to be seen. remind Me

Ep : Flounder"s Day

once Verna might Rae overcome on, Mama finally has the chance to audition because that the honor of to sing "Raytown, O Raytown" on Founder"s Day. repeat Me

Ep : Teacher"s Pet

as soon as her home food preparation isn"t sufficient to success over her crush, Mama transforms to aping Naomi"s seductive body language to attract his affections. remind Me

Ep : Child"s Play

The Harper family members is inquiry to clock the grandson of the Reverend and Mrs. Meechum, an eight-year-old brat that pushes Mama over the edge. remind Me

Ep : Mama Mania

when Naomi"s partner in a women"s tag team wrestling match is accidentally knocked unconscious by Mama, the pair have actually no an option but to battle the "Masked Mabels." remind Me

Ep : Gift Horse

Mama"s anger over Iola"s gift upset by the family selling she handicraft at a garage revenue leads come Iola inadvertently being offered the money accumulated at the sale. repeat Me

Ep : Workman"s Holiday

Vint is for this reason embarrassed as soon as Mama bring his childhood lunchbox to work-related that he accidentally injures himself on the job. remind Me

Ep : Mama sees Red

The Harpers are liked as the "typical American family" come be went to by Olga, a "typical Russian homemaker," who not only cleans their residence inside and out, but likewise decides to stay. remind Me

Ep : A Room v No View

once Mama forms a household council to vote on a bedroom switch, the results create havoc for the household. repeat Me

Ep : guilty of the Mother

Bubba comes residence drunk, triggering ache memories in Mama concerning an awkward "drunken" event with Eunice. remind Me

Ep : A girlfriend Indeed

Mama is jealousy that Iola is safety a the majority of time with her new friend, Arlene, however soon learns the Arlene deserve to hardly wait to rid it s her of the clinging Iola. repeat Me

Ep : i Do, i Don"t

after attending a large wedding, Bubba, Iola and Mama every fantasize what it would be choose to be married. remind Me

Ep : Mama it s okay the Bird

when Mama"s stunner old Uncle Oscar overcome on, he leaves her his talk parrot, Captain Petey, that convinces the family members that treasure is covert somewhere in the house. repeat Me

Ep : Mama"s Girls

To obtain Aunt Effie come exercise, Mama persuades she to sign up with a madness dance course at the senior Citizens Center—a class Mama quickly teaches! remind Me

Ep : Mama ~ above Jeopardy!

Alex Trebek guest stars when Iola"s to like on the Jeopardy! game display host turns into an adventure for the whole Harper family. repeat Me

Ep : Mama goes Hawaiian: component 1

one old Hawaiian tradition rings true for Iola, Bubba and also even Mama when a visit to Lover"s Grotto brings them romance. repeat Me

Ep : Mama walk Hawaiian: component 2

Mama schemes to rid herself of Billy, the man she conserved from drowning, and also then go sightseeing v Iola, Bubba and also their brand-new "true" loves. repeat Me

Ep : Bubba"s twin Date

as soon as Bubba"s date for the prom cancels at the critical minute, Mama fixes him up through Iola"s shy, homely niece, Vernette. repeat Me

Ep : Bed and also Breakdown

as soon as the Tri-State fair comes to Raytown, Mama absorbs weekend boarders in order come buy a brand-new stove. Yet when she overbooks, the family members winds up sleeping together in the same room. repeat Me

Ep : Naomi"s identification Crisis

as soon as Naomi loses her memory, Mama takes benefit of her problem by molding her into the perfect housewife. remind Me

Ep : Pomp and Circumstance

A disappointed Bubba refuses to go to his graduation once he learns his parents will certainly not it is in there. And also Mama, the valedictorian and speaker for the commencement, refuses to walk without him. remind Me

Ep : women Choice

Mama and Iola vie because that the presidency that the Church Ladies league in a bitterly disputed race. repeat Me

Ep : infant Talk

as soon as Vint and also Naomi start to think about having a baby, Mama decides to display them what having a baby is really prefer by bringing end a neighbor"s specifically loud child. remind Me

Ep : Naomi"s new Position

once Naomi"s boss sexually harasses her, Mama marches under to the store and gives him a taste the his very own medicine. remind Me

Ep : Really according to Family

when Bubba turns in one unflattering video of his family for a institution project, Mama end up excused from organizing a charity event she didn"t also want come organize. repeat Me

Ep : numerous Unhappy Returns

Mama place Bubba in a bind with his boss when she returns a gift that wasn"t intended for her and also spends the money ~ above presents because that the family. repeat Me

Ep : discovered Money

~ an ATM error, Mama is given $800 from one more person"s account. Anyone in the family convinces her to store it, yet then she meets the guy who shed the money. repeat Me

Ep : mine Mama, Myself

Mama wrestles with the ghost of Grandma Crowley as soon as she finds she mother"s broach and also realizes it might be worth severe money. remind Me

Ep : full House

Mama sits in on Vint"s poker game when among his girlfriend cancels, share embarrassing stories about Vint"s childhood and revealing what that does as soon as bluffing. remind Me

Ep : Bedtime because that Bubba

Mama suspects Bubba and also his brand-new study partner, Toni Malone, space doing an ext than studying. remind Me

Ep : What a Dump

reasoning her house is walking to receive the award for many beautiful in Raytown, Mama is ruined to find out that the market plans to revolve her street into the new town dump. remind Me

Ep : Mama Bell

Vint and Naomi hide a stray dog in the garage and convince Mama she is going senile once she complains of hear a dog barking. remind Me

Ep : really Dirty Dancing

when Mama enters a dance competition, naught is walking to protect against her "Latin Sizzle" native winning. repeat Me

Ep : Mama"s Layaway Plan

when Mama is just one of only two world at cousin Ludie"s funeral, she decides to invest funds supposed for a household vacation and also bowling competition to ensure a perfect funeral because that herself. remind Me

Ep : mine Phony Valentine

as soon as Mama insurance claims to have actually a date for Valentine"s Day, Iola hires an escort—and it"s painfully obvious that he"s one escort. remind Me

Ep : Mama and the huge Wheel

when Iola buys a lottery ticket with Mama"s readjust at the store, Mama doesn"t care enough to keep the ticket—until Iola wins a chance to rotate the lottery wheel because that $2 million. repeat Me

Ep : an ext Power to You

as soon as Mama refuses to salary the electrical bill she is disputing, the electric agency turns the power off—and the time couldn"t be worse. remind Me

Ep : Mama in One

Mama finally gets the home to herself when everyone walk away for the weekend. However the peace and also quiet is much from the paradise she expects. repeat Me

Ep : There"s No place Like… No Place

Mama accidentally leaves residence without she identification, finishing up arrested during a rally by the homeless. remind Me

Ep : April Fools

on April Fools" Day, Mama gets the critical laugh on the rest of the family members when she pulls turn off the ideal practical hoax ever. remind Me

Ep : reading the riot Act

Mama beginning a campaign to impeach poorly performing Church Lady organization President Lolly Purdue, but has a readjust of heart when she learns a mystery about Lolly. remind Me

Ep : counting Situation

when the IRS knocks top top Mama"s door with a $250 taxation refund, the agent shortly realizes that Mama has been much less than truthful on her taxes return—and is going come owe back taxes, interest and also penalties. remind Me

Ep : Mama that Invention

as soon as a con artist tries come swindle Vint, the doesn"t counting on Mama. She dons a wire, bring away a bag of there was no sign dollar bills and also goes undercover for the local police. remind Me

Ep : dislike Thy Neighbor

once Bubba announces that he’s going come marry the daughter of Mama"s hated neighbor, Mama is forced to do peace. However when the engagement is broken, the feud start anew. remind Me

Ep : dependence Day

Iola declares her independence from her mother... And moves in v Mama. Now, the family unites with a single purpose: gain Iola the end of the house. repeat Me

Ep : and Mama makes Three

Naomi and Vint decision to embrace a child. But when they—and Mama—meet with an adoption counselor, they space rejected through the adoption agency. repeat Me

Ep : Mama"s medicine Show

hope to progressive money now that a baby is top top the way, Naomi and Vint begin selling Mama"s homemade tonic. repeat Me

Ep : an Affair come Forget

Mama and Naomi doubt Vint of an ext than a working connection with his new beautiful, blonde trainee. repeat Me

Ep : Mr. Wrong

through Naomi pregnant, Iola starts to think she must be married, too. To everyone"s surprise, she finds a boyfriend—but the relationship doesn"t last with their first dinner with Mama! repeat Me

Ep : now Hear This

once Vint installs baby-monitoring intercoms in the house, the Harpers start eavesdropping on each other—and that isn"t long before everyone is upset! remind Me

Ep : Tri-State"s most Wanted

once Mama believes she"s fallen for a wanted criminal, she decides to capture him herself. repeat Me

Ep : A Blast native the Past

Thelma"s high school reputation comes earlier to haunt her 50 years later. repeat Me

Ep : Psychic Pheno-Mama

The Harpers hire a psychic who predictions all come true. The is, till Mama discovers the she is a fraud and plots revenge. remind Me

Ep : take My Mama, Please!

when Mama think she have the right to do better than the comedian in ~ the neighborhood dinner theater, she indicators up for the open up microphone night. And also when the church congregation learns of it, she is compelled to get serious about coming up through an act. repeat Me

Ep : Bubba"s residence Band

as soon as Bubba arranges for hefty metal band Bonecrushers to play in ~ the homecoming dance, he also arranges for them to continue to be at the Harper house for the night. repeat Me

Ep : Mama bring away Stock

Mama finds an old certificate because that 10 share of stock which is currently worth a quite penny and may have the ability to save Vint from gaining laid off. repeat Me

Ep : war of the Roses

Vint and Naomi acquire in an argument, and Mama and also Iola complete to prosper the winning climbed for the yearly flower show. remind Me

Ep : Mama takes a Dive

after slipping on a role of pennies in ~ the bank, a shady lawyer convinces Mama the she is badly injured and needs to sue. remind Me

Ep : Mama gets Goosed

when Mama"s cousin offers the Harpers a live goose for Christmas dinner, Mama relives memory of her childhood if the rest of the household is horrified at the assumed of death their brand-new pet. remind Me

Ep : The large Nap

Mama puts every little thing she"s learned native old detective movies to use in solving the instance of Iola"s absent mother. remind Me

Ep : Pin-Up Mama

when Mama and Iola have the idea of utilizing flyers come attract single men come the seniors mixer, a mixup entailing Bubba"s photography project, Melanie in a bikini and Mama"s head reasons a disaster. repeat Me

Ep : assumption: v Who"s coming To Dinner

an all-out family members war between Mama and also Naomi erupts when Vint wins an expensive Mother"s job dinner because that two. repeat Me

Ep : look Who"s Breathing

when Mama substitutes for Vint in ~ Naomi"s Lamaze class, she relates her own experience of providing birth and scares everyone the end of the room. repeat Me

Ep : over there Is Nothing prefer a Dame

Things easily go from poor to worse once Mama hosts a backyard luncheon for a ladies social team she wants to join. repeat Me

Ep : Bye, Bye, Baby!

Vint and also Naomi ultimately have a baby and Mama becomes a grandmother—but not before high drama. remind Me

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Morticia, the Matchmaker

Cousin Melancholia stop by the Addams residence seek a place to stay to acquire herself back together after she fiancee leaves her to...

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