The Original herbal & necessary fertilizer for all mountain loving plants.

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The #1 choice for feeding hollies, azaleas, camellias, evergreens, dogwoods, rhododendrons & more!Get more blooms with an ext vibrant color.Grow larger plants v deeper environment-friendly color.Long lasting, slow-release feeding with our to exclude, Bio-tone Microbes.

Use top top all acid loving plants, trees and also shrubs including:

AmaryllisAndromedaAsterAzaleaBayberryBleeding HeartBlueberryCamelliaDogwoodEvergreensFernsFirGardeniaHeathHeatherHemlockHollyHuckleberryHydrangeaInkberryJuniperLeucothoeLily-of-the-ValleyLupineMagnoliaMarigoldMountain AshMountain LaurelOakPachysandraPhloxPierisPineRaspberryRhododendronSpruceStrawberriesWood-sorrel

Arborvitae & Boxwood room evergreens that perform not require acid soils. Us recommend Plant-tone because that these.

Feed in the Spring and late autumn at half the feather rate.Blooming evergreens prefer azaleas and also rhododendron are best fed in the spring at the an initial hint that bloom color.Berry plants should be fed twice; beforehand spring and also late feather (45-60 days apart).Never use fertilizer to frozen soils.

Trees:1 lb. Per inch of stems diameter. Triple the amount for diameters 3 customs or larger.Shrubs:1 cup per foot that branch spread out (The diameter of the shrub indigenous left to best side). Twin the quantity if branch spread out is three feet or larger.Beds:Preparation of new bed: Mix 10 lbs. Per 100 square feet and also incorporate right into the top four or 5 inches that soil. Feed created beds 5 lbs. Every 100 square feet.

Potted plants (Containers):

New Plants: as soon as preparing new soil because that plants, mix 2 cups of Holly-tone per cubic foot of floor (1.5 tbsp. Every quart.)

Established Plants: Sprinkle 1 tsp. Of Holly-tone because that each 3″ of pot diameter into the soil along the outer edge the the pot. Water thoroughly.

How to apply:

For Shrubs:

Sprinkle the encourage amount roughly the drip line and also water thoroughly. If the area is mulched either temporarily remove the mulch and also feed or double the rate on peak of the mulch.

For Trees:

Dig 3″ broad holes about the drip line that room 12-18″ deep & 2-3′ apart divide the Holly-tone evenly and pour into the holes. Backfill the holes through soil and also water thoroughly.

To check out a video clip on how to perform this click here.

Available in 4, 8, 18, 36 and 50 lb. Bags,

1 pound amounts to approx. 3 cups.



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