10 inquiries with Blue Jackets defenseman David Savard

Mainstay is in his eighth year with the team

by Jeff Svoboda

David Savard has been a model of consistency since arriving with the Blue Jackets.

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A fourth-round choose of the team in 2009, Savard make his debut during the 2011-12 season and also is now in his eighth year with the Blue Jackets with virtually 500 gamings played because that the franchise. In that span, he"s totaled 38 goals and also 105 assists in addition to a plus-43 mark and 272 penalty minutes. In addition, he"s played at the very least 65 gamings for six straight seasons and is on speed to optimal 80 games for the third time this year.

Originally a high-scoring blue liner throughout his junior and also minor organization days, Savard has become a below-the-hashmarks shutdown defenseman that still has actually a little bit of scoring touch to him.

The longtime Blue Jacket freshly spent time with BlueJackets.com as the subject of this version of 10 Questions.

1. You"re a native of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, for this reason it might just be as an easy as gift from Canada, but how walk you gain into hockey?

Savard: "It"s mine family. Mine dad played hockey in ~ university ago in the day. He"s a huge hockey fan. And I had actually two older brothers, for this reason the day i was born i was already at the rink basically. My older brother were playing already. I thrived up about it and fell in love with it. I was always playing outside. It was simply nonstop, play downstairs and stuff choose that with my brothers. I"ve been around hockey my entire life.

2. Is there an idol or who you patterned you yourself or your video game after?

Savard: "Obviously being a Habs fan cultivation up, they to be pretty big. Patrick Roy was vast when i was a young kid. I had actually a poster of him in my bedroom. After that retired, ns was always a Montreal fan, so it to be great."

3. Go you ever before take after ~ Roy and also play goalie then?

Savard: "No, however maybe that"s why i was a defenseman, trying to block shots every once in a while. I wish i played goalie. Ns think it would certainly be awesome. After ns retire, I"ll gain my goalie equipment."

4. A year ago, Pierre-Luc Dubois lived v you when he was a rookie. Perform you miss having him around this year?

Savard: "Yeah. Clear it"s a little bit various this year, yet it to be a lot of fun last year when he was through us. That comes approximately quite a bit. He comes and also wants to see the kids and stuff. It"s funny to view him. At any time he has actually a possibility to avoid by and also when he"s roughly the house, he always stops by, calls and also comes because that dinner. It"s a small different, and last year was an ext busy having always around and also you"re talk all the time. Now it"s more he come over because that dinner or he"ll come in the afternoon and also play through the kids, so it"s fun."

5. Her beard has end up being a trademark throughout the course of your career. Exactly how did that begin?

Savard: "I shave it turn off last year, but before that, the was usually my draft and also I"m no saying ns was lazy, yet I"m no a huge fan of cut so ns let it flourish until that was also long. Currently I just trim it. Ns like having actually a beard. Ns feel naked there is no one, so I"m simply used come it now."

6. In ~ Cannon sphere you went every in and also dressed up in the "80s theme, and on the team"s train trip recently from Montreal come Ottawa, you dressed up and wore the old-style hat and suspenders. Carry out you prefer to lean right into that type of stuff? Some men are too scheduled to execute that.

Savard: "Yeah, I sort of like dressing up. Ns think it renders it fun. I"m a substantial fan the Halloween, for this reason as shortly as I get the opportunity to placed something together provides it fun. My mam (Valerie) is really into it too. She has lists the costumes we deserve to do one day. She"s the one doing many of the occupational every time we go somewhere. At the Cannon Ball, she ordered everything, therefore she"s doing all the things. Credit to her, obviously, however I think it"s fun. Dubois jumped in too this year once we talked about dressing up, therefore it was fun."

7. Phone call us about your 1967 Camaro SS.

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Savard: "It to be a dream of mine to acquire an old car. I tried to find a lengthy time, and I finally chose a Camaro. It"s great in the summertime, obviously. It was in storage because that the last few months, yet I"ve constantly dreamed of having one. My grandpa provided to switch cars every year and my dad was always talking around it. I just wanted to treat myself to a quite car."

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8. In today"s tennis2007.org, there"s a lot of player movement, however you and also a variety of guys here have actually been a part of this organization due to the fact that you"ve been drafted. What"s it choose to be one of those guys?

Savard: "It"s great. The truth that you don"t have to move roughly is awesome, especially now that I have actually a family. Us love the city, and obviously when I had actually a chance to stay long term, i jumped top top it. I assumed it to be awesome. I"ve been here since I to be drafted, and they"ve cure me so well. As quickly as I had the possibility to stay right here for a long time, I want to stay and collection up a residence in Columbus together a family. We"ve been so happy to be here for a lengthy time."

9. This is a inquiry we asking every time. Also though you"re a expert athlete, is over there something strong you"re devastating at?

Savard: "I"m actually no really great at basketball. I really can"t make a basket. I"m damaging at it. Ns was decent at soccer; no great, however I to be OK. I"ve never played baseball, so ns don"t know. Perhaps I"m terrible, it"s tough to say. If I have to pick between them, more than likely basketball. I deserve to dribble, so I"m not that bad, however I simply can"t shoot."

10. What"s her favorite part of video game day? Is over there something you have to do for it to it is in a real video game day, so come speak? A many of males say the pregame nap.

Savard: "I execute nap, yet sometimes ns don"t. I kind of thrived out the it. Ns don"t know if it"s the kids. I"m generally busy every day, so ns don"t nap together much. Ns think the biggest thing would be the football game. It kind of it s okay you going. It"s a an excellent warmup. We"re having actually fun the end there playing soccer, and as quickly as the soccer game is over, it"s game time."