Have you ever before wondered about the difference between a food chain and a food web? when a food chain follows a singular link, a food net shows just how diverse and also interconnected one ecosystem"s food sources can be. Explore what a food web is in science through a food net diagram. You"ll additionally get vocabulary words and also a funny coloring printable to expand your food web thinking.

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Trophic Levels

Each level in a food web is a trophic level. This way that energy is moved from one organism to another, or from one trophic level to another. At the beginning of the food net are the producer or autotrophs. The producers space then eaten by the consumer or heterotrophs, which encompass primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers, to add the decomposers.

tennis2007.org of Food Webs

Food web exist in a range of biomes. Because each habitat is unique, every food internet is contempt different. Explore different plants, animals and also decomposers that have the right to be found in deserts, savannas, forests and also marine environments.


A desert is a habitat with tiny water. Deserts aren"t all hot either. Some deserts are really cold. In the desert food web, you"ll find:

Producers: Cacti, bushes, acacias, flowers, brushPrimary Consumers: Insects, lizards, rodentsSecondary Consumers: Tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, snakesTertiary Consumers: Hawks, foxes

In a food web, cacti are consumed by insects, lizards or rodents. The insects can be eaten by the tarantulas, scorpions and also lizards. The lizards are then pursued by snakes, foxes and also hawks. Everyone likes a tiny variety in your diet.


Forests have actually lots of trees and also other plants. They are dense with too many of different vegetation for animals to enjoy. Inspect out the various players in a desert food web.

Producers: Plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, flowersTertiary Consumers: Bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes

An example of a woodland food web includes plants and fruit consumed by a mule deer. The mule deer have the right to then be consumed by a lion or bobcat. An additional food web example is the pika eating the plants. The pika is consumed by the ringtail or raven. The ringtail is then consumed by the coyote, hill lion or bobcat.


A savanna biome has actually a most grass for pets to graze on. These habitats are discovered in Africa, Australia and even south America. You can see zoo pets like zebras and also lions. Find out who will be in a savanna food web.

Producers: Star grass, oat grass and acaciaPrimary Consumers: Grasshoppers, ants, termites, warthogs, gazelle, impala, mice, wildebeestSecondary Consumers: Pangolins, aardvarks, mongoosesTertiary Consumers: Wild dogs, lions, cheetahs, caracals, servals, eagles

The savanna food web might start v a warthog eating star grass. The warthog can then be caught and eaten by the lion or wild dog. One more example would certainly be that a termite eating the red oat grass. That termite could then be eaten by the mongoose or the serval. However the mongoose have the right to be consumed by the caracal, too.


Underwater creatures like variety too. In a marine environment, tennis2007.org that girlfriend will discover in the food web include:

Producers and Decomposers: Seagrass, seaweed, algae, plankton, bacteriaPrimary Consumers: Turtles, damselfish, crab, shrimpSecondary Consumers: Octopuses, triggerfish, squid, krillTertiary Consumers: Seagulls, penguins, elephant seals, whales

If you were to clock the food web occur underwater, girlfriend would check out krill eat plankton. The krill would then be eaten by fish or a whale. The fish might be eaten by a seagull or a seal.

Food net Coloring Page

Try your hand at knowledge a food internet through a funny coloring page. Merely print and color.


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Food net Vocabulary

Food network have many different moving parts that are all vital to preserving a secure ecosystem. Discover these vocabulary native to more your expertise of food webs.

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Producers (autotrophs) - do their own foodConsumers - omnivores, carnivores and also herbivores the eat various other plants and animalsOmnivores - animals that eat both plants and also animalsPrimary consumer - the organisms the eat the plantsSecondary consumer - the pets that eat the primary consumersTertiary consumer - the animals that deserve to eat both primary and second consumers

Animals and also Energy

When it comes to energy, everyone has to eat. Since animals like variety, you"ll discover that food resources don"t just happen in a single chain. Even the top consumers come to be food for something in the end! Learn more about decomposers through exploring instances of zygomycetes.