Hello tennis2007.orgs! Thalita below from The learner Observer. Psychic me? I’ve been a busy bee for the past few months growing two baby boys, and also since the nesting phase officially hit, ours house has been a chaos of dust and general renovation dirt just about everywhere! among the projects we’ve tackled is our main upstairs restroom (you deserve to see more of that here), and also one that my main priorities was making this room an ext efficient. One method to perform this, to be to have things built in come the wall surface since our space is fairly small – go into the recessed medication cabinet!

We could have conveniently just hung this ~ above the wall surface since it’s only around 4 customs deep altogether, yet putting it into the wall in between the studs really just seemed like the finest option to do the space feel bigger than it yes, really is!

How to install a Recessed medicine Cabinet

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So very first thing’s first. Here’s what us used:

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jigsawdrywall sawreciprocating sawimpact driver and also drillwood chiselinsulationstaple gun2″ lumber screws

You may also need:

2×4″ pieces of wood

You’ll notification our wall surface has a lot bigger hole than important – this is since we likewise had to remove some damaging backsplash native the wall, and also the drywall came right down with it. Normally, you’d begin by just measuring how large the back of your medication cabinet is and also making a cut roughly 1/4″ larger right into the wall.

Once the drywall is all reduced out, you can gain started on cutting the timber studs. This is whereby the reciprocating saw and jigsaw will certainly come in handy!

Because we had actually studs supporting the bottom of the medicine cabinet, we didn’t bother with adding a piece of lumber along the bottom, however this would certainly be valuable if her studs are too far apart come offer proper support. Together for the piece on the side, we notched out specifically what was vital for the room to to the right right into the space, this way it’s well sustained on the sides together well.

Once friend have everything cut, do a dry fit come make certain the cabinet fits – we had to change our reduced ever so contempt to make it a little bit larger.

Now you’ll desire to make certain you replace any insulation that may have actually been take away out. Our medicine cabinet is on one exterior wall, and also living in Ontario, we necessary to make certain there was insulation behind it.

Our medication cabinet had actually holes currently on the sides which were for the shelves, for this reason this make securing it to the wall that lot easier. All it took to be 4 screws – two on top, and also two on the bottom, and the entirety thing to be sturdy as have the right to be! and also that’s why you want to make sure there is wood straight beside your cabinet once fitting it in.

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Now the was ultimately time to finish painting the walls, clean up every one of the dust (oh mine gosh, there was SO lot dust), and we can lastly use our medicine cabinet!

Not having one the these because that so long certainly made me appreciate the convenience of being able to placed things away right above the sink. Such luxury!

I love the it looks like a level mirror once the doors are closed, but it has actually this (not so) mystery storage inside. The room it about 24×30″, so the has great height, which i love both for the storage and also for my tall husband!

We had the extra an obstacle of making this work with the new board and batten in the room, yet thankfully it every all worked out. If you take place to it is in doing something similar, girlfriend just have to be careful to leave a little space (about 1/8″) roughly the room so the the doors can open properly.

And that’s yes, really all the takes! In every honesty, i was intimidated by this job, however in the finish it turned out to it is in so much simpler than ns expected! It also helps that i wasn’t really the one doing all the heavy work, of course!

Have you ever attempted to install a recessed medication cabinet? would certainly you consider it now? If girlfriend have any kind of questions, please let me recognize in the comments and I’ll execute my finest to answer them!


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