Who was known for blazing the "Wilderness Road" from North Carolina and Tennessee into the Kentucky frontier? A. Sam Houston B. Daniel Boone C. Andrew Jackson D. Davey Crockett

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Lewis and Clark and the "Corps of Discovery" reached the Pacific Ocean in November of 1805. What did they do after reaching their destination? A. explored northward into what is now Canada B. camped for the winter and planned their return home C. made boats to sail home around the southern tip of South America D. sent a letter back to President Jefferson notifying him of their success
Daniel Boone was heavily involved in the exploration of what two important geographic features used to travel west in Tennessee and Kentucky? A. the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers B. the Cumberland Gap and the Wilderness Road C. the Tennessee River and the Cumberland Gap D. the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains
Which historical figure contributed MOST to the opening of the Kentucky frontier? A. Daniel Boone B. Juan de Onate C. Benjamin Franklin D. Christopher Columbus
Zebulon PikeMeriwether LewisWilliam ClarkDaniel Boa What do the people on this list have in common? A. They helped to explore parts of the Untied States. B. They were important leaders in the Civil War. C. They wrote the U.S. Constitution. D. They were al Vice Presidents.
Which area of the country did Daniel Boone explore? A. Ohio River B. Hudson River C. Columbia River D. Colorado River
In their journey westward, Lewis and Clark traveled the furthest distance on which river? A. Columbia B. MississippiC. Missouri D. Snake
This coin was minted in 2000 to commemorate whose contribution to the Lewis and Clark expedition? A. SacagaweaB. Pocahontas C. Hononageah D. Princess Ano
In the 1770s, pioneer Daniel Boone blazed a trail through the frontier of Kentucky, helping Americans to move further west in the face of great danger from the difficult wilderness and attacks from Native Americans.Which character trait BEST describes Boone and his efforts? A. courageous B. honest C. innocent D. trustworthy
Daniel Boone was born in in Pennsylvania Colony in 1734. When he was an adult, he traveled many parts of the frontier, and was important in the founding of Kentucky.Which of these is the BEST definition of the term frontier? A. the nation"s capital B. where many people live C. land along the coastline D. land that has not been explored
Which character trait was demonstrated by the journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the American West? A. courage B. honesty C. leadership D. trustworthiness
Daniel Boone is BEST known for which of these occupations? A. General B. President C. explorer D. scientist
Daniel BooneWilliam ClarkMeriwether LewisZebulon Pike What would be the BEST name for this list? A. "Our Founding Fathers" B. "Explorers of Early America" C. "Famous American Scientists" D. "Signers of the Declaration of Independence"
Beyond exploring and mapping new American territory, the Lewis and Clark Expedition provided the United States with which of these benefits? A. information was gained about new plant and animal species B. wagon trails were established for future settlers to follow C. ways to defeat many of the Native American tribes in the west D. important information about French settlements in Quebec was learned

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