is a two-dimensional table in i beg your pardon the entries space single-valued, each field has a unique name, all the values in a ar are values of the same attribute (the one identified by the ar name), the stimulate of fields is immaterial, each heat is distinct, and the order of rows is immaterial.

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is a structure in i beg your pardon entries need not be single-valued yet that satisfies all the other properties that a relation.
is a visual tool for manipulating relational databases. Queries are created by perfect on-screen forms.
place the ar in the architecture grid and make sure a check mark shows up in the field"s Show examine box.
the leftmost sort vital in the design grid is the major sort vital (also called the primary sort key) and the sort vital to its appropriate is the young sort key (also dubbed the second sort key).
forms the union of two tables. Because that a union procedure to make sense, the tables must be union compatible.
they have actually the same variety of columns and their matching columns stand for the same type of data.
is the table obtained by concatenating every row in the very first table through every heat in the 2nd table.
Using the product operator, if table A has actually 4 rows and also table B has 4 rows, the number of rows in the product the these 2 tables is ____.
The ____ command within relational algebra has the native OVER followed by a perform of the columns to be included
Based top top the client table below, i beg your pardon command perform all details from the table worrying customer 524?
Based ~ above the explain below, i m sorry of the adhering to is the major key? part (Partnum, Description, OnHand, Class, Warehouse, Price)
Two tables are taken into consideration to it is in ____ compatible if they have the same variety of columns and also their matching columns represent the same kind of data.
When a field name consists of spaces or SQL booked words, you have to enclose the ar name in curly braces ().
A relational database handles entities, attributes, and relationships by save each entity in its own table.
Access immediately adds double quotation marks roughly values in the architecture grid that room formatted as Text areas when you run the query or move the insertion allude to another cell in the style grid.
The ____ an essential of a table is the shaft or repertoire of columns that uniquely identifies a given row in that table.
Count, Sum, Avg, Max, and Min room a few of the built-in statistics or ____ functions that can be used in a query
The ____ operator is offered to concatenate every row in the an initial table v every row in the 2nd table.

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When duplicate column names exist in a database and also you need to suggest the pillar to i beg your pardon you are referring, ____.

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