Vehicles are nothing an ext than huge machines the require continual maintenance in stimulate to stay in good working condition. And also although we don’t like to think about the many different pieces that could fail when cruising down the federal government at 70 mph, that is possible to it is in met through unfortunate circumstances that can leave you and also your automobile susceptible come an accident.

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In this article, we’re diving into every driver’s best nightmare. Here’s what to do if you have actually a brake failure while driving.

The Anatomy that a Vehicle’s Braking System

Before we gain into the nitty-gritty of exactly how to react to a brake failure while driving, it’s necessary to note that a full brake fail is a rarity due to the fact that the braking device on your car is not one solitary entity. In fact, it’s consisted of of countless different contents that work-related together to assist your automobile stop.

Each wheel is equipped through a brake system. Depending on the age, make and also model of your vehicle, her brake system might be consisted of of any kind of of the complying with combinations:

Drum brakes ~ above all 4 wheels (common in classic cars)Disc brakes on all 4 wheels (common ~ above most modern vehicles)Disc brakes on the front wheels, north brakes ~ above the behind wheels

In the occasion that one of these materials fail, the various other three brake solution would have the ability to pick up the slack and stop your automobile before an accident ensued.

Most Common causes of Brake Failure

Nevertheless, there are numerous circumstances that can reason a vehicle’s braking mechanism to fail.

The 2nd most common reason of brake fail is a malfunctioning brake booster. This ingredient is the factor your brake pedal is easier to press down if the auto is running than it is to interact while the car is rotate off. If the brake booster is defective, much more force will have to be exerted ~ above the pedal to protect against the vehicle, also if the engine is running.The final most common cause of brake failure while driving is a phenomenon dubbed brake fade. Although this doesn’t happen in most modern vehicles, brake fade is the product the a braking device that has actually overheated from too much use or if there is water in the brake fluid.

How to reaction to Brake fail While Driving

According come this video by Howcast, this seven steps outline exactly how you must react come brake failure while driving.

Remain Calm: Assess her surroundings by note the traffic, pedestrians, and intersections roughly you. Try to pump her brakes to check out if girlfriend can develop enough push to stop your vehicle.Warn neighboring Drivers: turn on your peril lights immediately and also honk your horn come alert adjacent drivers of her situation.Steer toward Safety: If possible, uncover a clear room to steer toward in stimulate to minimize damage and maximize the safety of those approximately you. Change to the lowest gear possible; if you have an automatic transmission, this is usually provided as D1 or L1.Use the Parking Brake: Gently engage the handbrake or parking brake. If you use it while girlfriend are moving too fast and the auto starts to skid, release this brake prior to you lose manage of the vehicle.Throw the auto into Reverse: If you’re unable to avoid the car and also you are heading towards pedestrians, litter the transmission right into reverse. Although shifting right into reverse while the vehicle is moving have the right to irreversibly damage the transmission, it may simply save your life and also the resides of others.Call for Help: once your auto has stopped, contact roadside organization for assistance. Don’t try to journey your car again till the concern has to be repaired.

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Get Your auto Checked Out: as soon as assistance has arrived, have your vehicle towed come a garage so the it have the right to be repaired.