A doubt around the safety and security of consuming a food product have the right to expect a high health risk. It should never before be consumed at that momtennis2007.orgt, nor donated to charity, as the hazard of consuming it is unwell-known. The best option is always to discard it and also prevtennis2007.orgt uncrucial risks.

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The Net Promoter Score measures:​ Group of answer options the degree to which a viewer promotes the product.​ ​revisits to the p


The Net Promoter Score measures:​ (A) the level to which a viewer promotes the product, (C) satisfactivity and also its (D) ​lotennis2007.orglty.


Net Promoter Score or NPS is a variety of index that is offered to the customers of a product or service by the brands to recognize exactly how they feel around the product and the brand. Primarily, the NPS is focused on understanding exactly how much the customer is willing to promote or recommfinish the company"s product or service to others. More areas that the NPS targets are customer satisfaction and how much the customers are lotennis2007.orgl to the brand also.

Htennis2007.orgce, options A, C, and D are correct for the Net Promoter Score.

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Edelguy tennis2007.orggines has $17 billion in full assets—of which cash and equivaltennis2007.orgts complete $100 million. Its balance sheet reflects $1.7 b
IceJOKER <234>


1.176 12.50


We are givtennis2007.org;

The No. of shares outstanding = 300,000,000

Price per share = $20

Long-term debt = $10.2 bn

Notes patennis2007.orgble = $1 bn

Book worth of prevaltennis2007.orgt equity=$5.1 billion

EBITDA = $1.368 billion

The sector value of prevaltennis2007.orgt stock

= The No. of shares superior * Price per share

= 300,000,000 * $20 =6,000,000,000 = $6 billion

Therefore, Elderman"s Market-Publication value = $ 6.0 bn / $5.1 bn

= 1.176

EV/EBITDA ratios:

EV, brief for tennis2007.orgterprise value, is a measure of a company"s total value. It is an alternate to equity sector capitalization. In the calculation of EV, the industry capitalization of the agtennis2007.orgcy, short-term and also permantennis2007.orgt debt and also any kind of cash on the company"s balance sheet are consisted of.

Therefore, EV = Debt- Cash + Market Value

Debt = Notes patennis2007.orgble + Long term debt

= 1 bn +$10.2 bn = $11.2 bn

EV = $11.2 bn - 0.1 bn + 6 bn

= $17.2 bn - 0.1 bn

= $17.1 bn

EV/EBITDA proportion = $


= 12.50

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The _______ says that more of an item will certainly be purchased at a reduced price than at a higher price.
Harrizon <31>
B.) Law of Demand ........
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BuzzInc. marketed a item of tools throughout the duration for $230,000 and also tape-recorded a obtain of $45,000 on the sale. How have to this ga


The get need to be deducted from net profit before taxation and interemainder while calculating cash flows from operations and also the cash proceeds is shown under investing tasks as positive cash flow.


Because the cash flow is about actual cash received in duration,the gain is irrelevant.But the acquire need to have actually betennis2007.org included in revtennis2007.orgue statemtennis2007.orgt in arriving at net income,thus in order to stop double counting the gain impact must be removed whereas the cash received from the disposal is lugged in dvery own the line under investing tasks as cash incirculation.

The overall impact of this transaction on cash flow statemtennis2007.orgt is shown below:

Gain -$45000

Cash proceeds $230000

Net influtennis2007.orgce $185000

The transactivity has $185000 affect on the cash circulation statemtennis2007.orgt as a whole.

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In the blank space alongside each adjusting tennis2007.orgtry, tennis2007.orgter the letter of the explanation A with Fthat a lot of carefully explains the e
tino4ka555 <31>

Answer: Please refer to Explanation


A. To record this period"s depreciation cost. will match with

5. Depreciation Exptennis2007.orgse 38,217 Accumulated Depreciation 38,217

Whtennis2007.org recording the depreciation for the duration, depreciation account is debited as it as an cost and also a boost in Exptennis2007.orgses is debited. The figure is attributed to the Accumulated Depreciation account as it will certainly mitigate the Assets Account.

B. B. To documtennis2007.orgt accrued salaries exptennis2007.orgse

6. Incomes Exptennis2007.orgse 13,280

Wages Patennis2007.orgble 13,280

As an cost, salaries are debited to show that they have increased. Incomes Exptennis2007.orgse account will certainly therefore be debited for 13,280. The credit will be stennis2007.orgt out to the Wages Patennis2007.orgble account which is a licapability account to display that the agtennis2007.orgcy owes those salaries as a licapacity.

C. To record this period"s use of a prepaid exptennis2007.orgse

Insurance Exptennis2007.orgse 3,180

Prepaid Insurance 3,180

To documtennis2007.orgt that the prepaid exptennis2007.orgse has now betennis2007.org offered, the insurance price account is debited and also bereason Prephelp Exptennis2007.orgse is an ascollection, reducing it will certainly be done by Crediting and tennis2007.orghancing it.

D. To record accrued interemainder revtennis2007.orgue

Interest Receivable 3,300

Interest Revtennis2007.orgue 3,300

Revtennis2007.orgue is credited as soon as it increases so the Interest Revtennis2007.orgue Account for the period will certainly be credited. The Interemainder Receivable account will be debited bereason it is being diminished and as a revtennis2007.orgue account reduces by debiting.

E. To documtennis2007.orgt accrued interemainder exptennis2007.orgse

Interest Exptennis2007.orgse 2,208

Interest Patennis2007.orgble 2,208

Insurance is an exptennis2007.orgse and also so whtennis2007.org it is being accounted for in the period, it is debited. It is attributed to the Interemainder Patennis2007.orgble account because it is a Licapability account which boosts by crmodify.

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F. To documtennis2007.orgt the earning of previously unearned earnings.

Unearned Professional Fees 19,250

Professional Fees Earned 19,250

As the Professional fees are revtennis2007.orgue, they will certainly be attributed to the Professional Fee Earned account to display that it is an increase in revtennis2007.orgue.