Traveler or not, us bet that you have actually heard and probably memorized the common expressions such as mahal kita, paalam, or maraming salamat. In today’s article, enable us to take you by the hand and also walk you through the most native ways come say I miss out on you in Tagalog language.

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One that the notions that travel enthusiasts have in common is the idea that you can learn a lot around the culture of the country based on how the natives refer themselves using their language. And what is even an ext exciting around this is that you deserve to encounter indigenous or even expressions the exist specifically in the language. Because that Japanese, they have the indigenous tsundoku (積ん読) to refer to the art of purchasing publications without ever before reading them. When in Hawaiian, they have actually pana po’o to describe the act of scratching the head to remember something. And also of course, that can ever forget the German indigenous kummerspeck, which equates to emotional feating?

But what around the Philippines? one of the amazing words under this country’s belt is gigil or the irresistible advice to squeeze who or something. This is extensively used also in today’s conversations and also is usually linked to contexts involving people who it seems to be ~ cute or things that watch lovable. Simply from the word alone, you have the right to sense how an innovative Filipinos space in terms of word coinage. And that is just the start!

You see, the Tagalog language is a melt pot of different language influences. Provided its strategic location, few of the native are directly related to Austronesian languages. Additionally, modern expressions seem to have a combination of Spanish and also English language. The finest example of this is the expression I miss out on you.

I miss out on You In The Tagalog Language

The Tagalog language go not have an updated straight translation for the English indigenous “miss.” To comprise for this word, Filipinos use Taglish (Tagalog and English) whenever lock express sorrow indigenous the absence of the civilization they are close with. Two of the finest ways to say I miss you in Tagalog space the following:

English Tagalog Usage
I miss out on you Miss na kita!Play Modern
I to be yearning because that you Nangungulila ako sa’yoPlay Traditional

In casual conversations, Filipinos simply include the English native miss. ~ above the various other hand, if you intend to sound poetic, you could want to use the traditional version. However, do keep in mind that it should only be provided in writing since it is an extremely uncommon to say that in spoken interactions.

Variations the I miss You In Tagalog

As language enthusiasts, we aspire not just to discover the basic Tagalog words and expressions. That course, us all want to sound prefer a indigenous in order come fit in and also increase our possibilities of building lasting relationships v the Filipinos. With that gift said, we additionally prepared below an exclusive perform of variations the can likewise signify just how much you miss out on someone.

English Tagalog translation
I great you space here Sana nandito kaPlay
I miss out on you a lot Miss na miss kitaPlay
I really miss you Miss na talaga kitaPlay
I really miss him/her Miss ko siya talagaPlay
I miss out on you already Miss na kita agadPlay
I desire to watch you soon Gusto na kita makitaPlay
I to let go you Naalala kitaPlay / Namiss kitaPlay
He/she misses you Inaalala ka niyaPlay
I miss you all Miss ko na kayong lahatPlay

Other Romantic expressions In Tagalog Language

While the expression I miss you is widely provided in the Philippines as soon as speaking with your family members members, friends, and people you space close with, it might not sound together romantic as you desire it to be. If friend feel that you have to take your romantic expression to a higher notch, we indicate that you usage these completely Tagalog unit volume in the table below.

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English Tagalog translation
I long for you Hinahanap-hanap kitaPlay
You are everything to me Ikaw ang lahat sa akinPlay
You complete me Binuo mo akoPlay
You are vital to me Mahalaga ka sa akinPlay
I keep thinking that you Lagi kitang iniisipPlay
You overcome my mind Sumasagi ka sa isip koPlay
You make me happy Pinapasaya mo akoPlay
I desire to be through you Gusto na kitang makasamaPlay
I cannot avoid thinking about you Hindi ko mapigilang isipin kaPlay
I regularly look at your picture Madalas kong tignan ang iyong larawanPlay
I am worried around you Nag aalala ako sa’yoPlay
I evaluate you Pinapahalagan kitaPlay
You space my only love Ikaw lang mahal koPlay
I adore you Sinasamaba kitaPlay / hinahangaan kitaPlay

Learning basic Phrases In The Tagalog Language


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