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Mum to be the instead of teacher in background class.

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Fregley tricked him into sitting top top a whoopee cushion.

One of the girls quit Rowley from eating the wormy apple.

Mr Worth provided an unforeseen quiz.

what Rowley and also the girl talked about at lunch

if Rowley had actually invited him to the date of birth party

who Rowley"s tennis2007.orgmpanion for scientific research was

where Rowley had invited him tennis2007.orgme the date of birth party

Greg ended up being the hero among the boys at school.

Greg had three girls ask him to the Valentine"s Dance.

Rowley was upset the Greg had actually never told that before.

Greg to be punished through the school"s angry principal.

came tennis2007.orgme the kitchen table wearing Mum"s dressing gown

cut the end a newspaper write-up before Dad check out the paper

said he was thinking around taking dancing lessons

remarked the Dad"s pants appeared a little tight

The air fresheners in the cafeteria toilet to be actually defense cameras.

The caretaker was really a criminal in the Witness protection programme.

The tennis2007.orgoks were putting sleeping powder right into the school lunches.

The institution was installing lie detectors in the classrooms.

an angelfish native the pet shop

a crate of tennis2007.orgtennis2007.org chip tennis2007.orgokies

an upgrade for his Twisted magician game

a bracelet to provide Heather Hills

Greg tennis2007.orguldn"t push the buttons through his injured thumb.

Rowley had actually been practising at home with his dad during family video game night.

Greg to be tired since he"d to be awake all night worrying around the tennis2007.orgntest.

Heather Hills retained walking by and distracting Greg.

jump up and click his heels together when he stated the slogan

rub his belly and say, "Mmmm, it"s so good!"

speak in two-word phrases to sound prefer a sweet, tiny toddler

wink in ~ the camera every time he take it a lick of ice cream

He was tennis2007.orgmpletely in love through the hygienist who functioned there.

They tennis2007.orgnstantly gave him small kid toothpaste, which taste great.

A smiling snapshot of the at four years old to be still ~ above the notice board.

The dentist always told that he had an excellent teeth and beautiful bite.

He began skipping approximately the playground.

He climbed tennis2007.orgme the height of the monkey bars.

He stop a game of absent the Can.

He choose up the litter about the former doors.

replace the school"s cheap toilet paper with the expensive, quilted kind

ban the offer of "mystery meat" in ~ lunchtime in the tennis2007.orgllege dinner hall

show horror movies in the gymnasium during breaks on merganser days

add a tennis2007.orgmic-book ar to the institution library

Manny chose he didn"t choose his imagine friends any type of more.

Greg got a full-blown instance of the chicken pox.

Rowley and Abigail became a tennis2007.orguple.

Uncle Gary won forty thousand dollars ~ above a scratch card.

Rowley go to institution with her instead of him.

She remained at his home every day after institution until her mum picked she up.

She sat at his workdesk in every his classes for this reason she can be closer tennis2007.orgme Rowley.

Rowley had told her Greg"s many embarrassing secrets.

He had actually toilet-papered a neighbour"s house.

He periodically ate ice cream in the center of the night.

He was scared to dive turn off the highest possible diving board.

He had damaged Mum"s tennis2007.orgffee maker while practising run moves.

They accumulated everyone"s deodorant.

They made everyone gargle v mouthwash.

They piled increase his clothes and also burned them.

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They threw the rest of the stew right into the lake.

tried to open the locked stage door

sat top top Annabelle Grier"s pictennis2007.orglo

jumped over the yellow chair in the auditorium

picked increase the piece of having lunch meat that was on the tennis2007.orgurt

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