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2002 Silverado, ext cab, strength locks. I have a slim jim, but can"t because that the life that me break into my truck. I perform NOT want to pay a dealer $50 to reduced a key, and am make the efforts to stop prying the door back. Pointers would certainly be helpful!

I had actually a silverado ss with shaved doorhandles ago when, and when the poppers wouldnt job-related i would have to gain a hanger and make a one in the end of it. Open up the optimal of the door just enough to gain the hanger in, and also fish because that the door handle. That constantly worked for me.
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Had one ext cab... Locked secrets in it a couple of times, ns jimmyd the back window open and took the screws outta the home window and took home window off... The was my 98 though...

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try the passenger side rear door v the slim jim if you have one or just shot and get the hanger in behind the door favor they said.
2005 2500, stage three meth injection, 5in turbo ago exhaust. Intake, financial institutions economind tuner. 6in lift on 35"s
sorry didnt record the ext cab part. Just get the hanger in over there if her worried about the repaint put under some masking tape whereby your going to on slide the hanger through so you dont scrape it all up. Or discover a buddy v aaa and have him contact them increase they will come unlock the truck for free.

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2005 2500, phase three meth injection, 5in turbo back exhaust. Intake, banks economind tuner. 6in elevator on 35"s

2002 Silverado, ext cab, power locks. I have actually a slim jim, but can"t because that the life that me break into my truck.
Easy stuff.You’ll require to cut 2-3 tapered hardwood wedges to use. Take the height edge of the door v your fingertips and pull ago enough come start among the wedges in. It will flex enough. Store working to traction it back much more and push the wedges in depth till girlfriend have enough room to on slide a coat hanger through and push/pull the unlock button. (Been there, done that )