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One common issue with GM trucks is the the safety system that holds the spare tires on come the truck gets corroded over time. This can cause the system to acquire stuck, which method the spare tire won"t come off once you require it to! Fortunately, over there is a means around this problem. Things you"ll need:15 MM socket; ratchet; tiny extensionFlat-head screwdriverSpare tire kit(in expanded cab, it"s underneath back seats)WD-40 or Penetrating OilBefore friend startPlace the transmission in Park, through the parking brake on. You"ll be working in the ago of the truck, underneath the preventive tire. If you need the room, jack up the rear axle, and also support it through jackstands.Step 1:Assemble the spare tire rods, and use your truck key to unlock the cylinder that"s blocking access to the preventive tire. Insert the rod, v the open square finish going in first. Fit the open up square finish to the closed square finish on the safety and security system, and start lowering the spare tire.

Step 2:
Lower the wire all the method down. If her tire follows the wire all the method down come the ground, your safety system is working properly. If the tires stops about 3" listed below the safety mechanism, 보다 you recognize that it"s corroded. Also if the tire stops, you have the right to still lower the cable all the way down to the ground. In the following picture, you have the right to see how much the tire will reduced if the safety device is corroded:

Now, you"ve got two options: remove the bolt the holds the system on, or try to placed a screwdriver v the 2 holes in the safety mechanism (they face the former of the truck), and see if you can pop the mechanism loose. The holes are visible in complying with picture:

If you room unable to popular music the mechanism loosened with the screwdriver, your just other alternative is to take it the bolt off through a 15 MM socket. Over there is a nut on the other side, yet it"s welded on to the structure of the truck. As soon as the bolt is off, it is in careful! The tire has actually some significant heft, and also it will only be hosted onto the structure by a little tab. When you"re positioned safely, rock the tire back and forth, driver"s side-to-passenger side, and the safety system should come turn off the frame, dropping the tire.Step 3:
It"s time to soak the totality mechanism in WD-40. If the safety and security latch doesn"t loosen, you deserve to either try to bag it with a screwdriver through the holes i mentioned, or just pry off the plastic tab, like this:

Once the security latch comes out, spray the again v plenty that lube. This is likewise a an excellent time to spray the wire, the cylinder that goes in the ago of the bumper, and the spare tires rods. Now, if you want to placed your preventive tire ago on, re-attach the safety device to the frame, making certain to thread the wire with the facility of the spare wheel prior to attaching the security mechanism. Advanced it v the spare tire rods, and tighten it till you feeling the cable spool click.Conclusion:I"m no sure just how long the safety device will stay lubricated, particularly in north states that check out a many snow and road salt. It"s a good idea to execute this when or twice a year. However, currently you know how to take it turn off if you ever need to.

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