To shrink a polyester football jersey, just wash and dry the jersey till it shrinks to the preferred fit. Since you are not washing the jersey clean it, over there is no need to add detergent before putting it in the washer.

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Wash the jersey Since polyester is such a complicated material to shrink, it needs to be washed at the highest temperature possible. Make sure that you rotate the jersey inside out prior to you to wash it so that the color does no fade. Allow the jersey come go through the entire wash cycle after you select the greatest setting.

Dry the jersey

You should also dry the jersey ~ above the hottest setting possible. Make sure that you transfer your jersey native the washer come the dryer as quickly as possible to certain maximum shrinkage. Enable the jersey to continue to be in the dryer until it dries completely.

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Repeat till the jersey is in ~ the wanted size

You may need to wash and also dry her jersey numerous times before it fits together you desire. In most cases, that takes all over from 2 to three washes before the process is complete. Try the jersey on before you to wash it again to check if it is the right fit.

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