Сайн байцгаана уу? In this quick post we are going to learn how to say ‘Thank you’ in Mongolian. It’s going to be very short but very useful, so let’s get started. 

(if you prefer to watch, we have a video lesson below)

Thank you in Mongolian is Баярлалаа . Additionally we will learn how to say Thank you so much or thanks a lot. 

‘Thanks a lot’ would be Их баярлалаа. Or you can say: Маш их баярлалаа (Thank you very much). 

Bayrl-laa is not an easy word to pronounce. There are a couple reasons why: 

The first thing to keep in mind is dropping the second single ‘а’ when you say Баярлалаа.

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Most people at first tend to pronounce it Bayrlalaa, but the correct pronunciation is Bayrllaa.

People then wonder, why isn’t the middle ‘a’ pronounced? We have video about the crucial rule of unstressed vowels below. 

The second thing that makes it difficult is the ‘Л’ sound. Mongolian L is fricative and actually this sound mostly exists in two languages. Mongolian and Welsh. 

So if you happen to be Welsh, lucky you! You know the Welsh Ll sound and you will know what I am talking about. 

When you make the Mongolian L sound, put your tongue in the same position as you would say ‘L’, press it bit harder and blow the air out: ‘Л’. <Баярл-лаа>

So those are the two things that make this simple word so difficult.

Now we know Thank you which is Баярлалаа. So, what would you say if someone says Bayrllaa to you?

The response for Bayrllaa is Зүгээр which means ‘no problem’. Most people say this twice, so you can say Зүгээр зүгээр , or Зүгээр ээ which sounds more polite.

For example:


Зүгээр зүгээр

Also in Mongolia, it is quite rude to say NO to an offer, but easily, if you want to say No, Thank you, you just say Зүгээр зүгээр or Зүгээр зүгээр, Баярлалаа

For example

Цай уух уу? Do you want tea?

Зүгээр зүгээр. No, thank you.

Дахиад цай уух уу? Do you want more tea?

Зүгээр, баярлалаа. No, Thank you.

Mongolian Cyrillic English Translation

Баярлалаа, найз аа! Thank you, friend!

Баярлалаа, багш аа! Thank you, teacher!

Баярлалаа, ээж ээ! Thank you, mom!

Mongolian Cyrillic English Translation

Тусалсанд баярлалаа. Thanks for helping.

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Ирсэнд баярлалаа. Thanks for coming. 

Урьсанд баярлалаа. Thanks for inviting me. 



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