You just want come say how nice miscellaneous or someone is in Italian, however you obtain stuck. Is that bello? Is that carino? What is the "nicest" means to interpret "nice" in Italian?

Obviously, in English, the meaning of words "nice" counts on the context and this implies different ways to translate it in Italian, walking from: bello (but also carino and also piacevole) to gentile and sottile.

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If you desire to say the something is pleasant or attractive, climate you should use bello, carino or piacevole:

Abbiamo fatto una bella vacanza. - We had a quite holiday. 

Sei così bella con quel vestito!- girlfriend look therefore nice in that dress!

Ha una casa molto carina. - She has actually a yes, really nice house. 

E" stato piacevole fare il bagno in piscina. - swimming in the pool was nice.

If you desire to usage "nice" definition someone was sort to you then you must say "gentile":
E" felice nella nuova scuola, gli altri bambini so not molto gentili con lui. - he is happy in the new school, the other youngsters are very nice to him.
Sii gentile con i tuoi colleghi. - be nice to your colleagues. 
If you are using "nice" definition "slight or subtle", particularly when stressing a distinction you must use sottile:
C"è una sottile differenza tra il mentire e il non dire tutta la verità. - there is a nice distinction between lying and not telling the entirety truth. 

And if you want to learn just how to speak "nice conference you", then you should check our article about Introducing you yourself in Italian. 

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