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I love you mommy in chinese. How to say ns love you in chinese. The literal meaning translation of the english expression i love friend in mandarin chinese is wǒ ài nǐ 我爱你. Lisa will teach girlfriend some day-to-day used chinese words in a easy way through this collection of videos.

Three methods to say ns love friend in chinese. Contextual translation of i love friend mom right into chinese simplified. The images in the.

discover chinese through lisa 11 learning chinese is no as difficult as friend think. Human translations v examples. In this video clip i will show how to write the chinese characters 妈妈 mā ma which way mom or mom in english.

Ma wo ai nin. Typically in chinese the topic is constantly in the start of a sentence hence should be like this. Youll learn three different ways to say i love you in chinese.

A brush and also ink were supplied to make the personality look an ext traditional. Yet this expression is very serious statements of emotionally attachment in chinese and is rarely.


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